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G2Voice #094 Crimes against Humanity and GOD by the International Red Cross! (07/01/18)

This week we are talking about how the International Red Cross has committed a crime against God and Humanity, suppressing a cure for malaria.

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12 Comments on G2Voice #094 Crimes against Humanity and GOD by the International Red Cross! (07/01/18)

  1. My friend died of liver and bowel cancer recently , I gave her mms but she never took it , so sad also look into volcanos their not what you think , lava is very slow and no eruptions unless that’s what they say..

    • So sorry for your friend that died! Sometimes no matter what you say to get people to see the truth…they refuse to listen.

  2. I have another testimonial for you, Mark! It happened today, actually! My friend was telling me he couldn’t hear out of his right ear very well and so my first thought is mms. So, I asked him to lay down and I put mms in his ear. I didn’t have any mms with me just the spray bottle. I just put the mms in his ear and let it sit for like 15-20 minutes. At first it didn’t do anything but as I was on the way home he called me. I called him back and he told me some great news! He can now hear loud and clear out of his right ear and what happened is some stuff came out of his ear and after that happened he could hear really well. Mms is purely awesome!

    • First Bible Baptist Church in Maynard. The Pastor is Walter Myers now. Great guy.
      Lord bless,

  3. Hello, i have hiv been using mms for 4 months and nothing has helped. I’m doing the protocol 2000 at 10hrs a day on empty stomach. Please help i feel like im going to die.

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