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G2Voice #091 How to stop Candida overgrowth 6/10/18

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This week we are talking about how Candida overgrowth can be cured using the Genesis II Church Sacraments.

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4 Comments on G2Voice #091 How to stop Candida overgrowth 6/10/18

  1. Hello Mark
    I am a great believer in MMS it has helped my family out wonderfully .
    Can you talk about drinking coffee and tea milk.
    I tell lots of people about your protocol and this is one subject that so many people have issues with .
    We all drink this .
    I tell them don’t worry and just give it a couple hrs after drinking caffeine .
    Whats your take on this
    Great work guys .
    Thanks Stu

    • Stu, Yes Yes they can have coffee, tea or raw milk for breakfast then wait 2 hors and start protocol for the day. form 9-5 NO coffee, tea, milk, alcohol, vit. C, antioxidants, supplements. Lunch is the only meal that you need to be careful, ok?
      Lord bless,

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