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G2Voice #088 How to get involved in ridding the world of DIS-EASE! (5-20-2018

This week we are talking about how to get involved with the Genesis II Church and the mission to create a world without dis-ease.

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5 Comments on G2Voice #088 How to get involved in ridding the world of DIS-EASE! (5-20-2018

  1. keep your videos short cos either my internet is struggling cos of the buffering or youtube is putting a buffer on to pretend its my fault when youtube is censoring it.

    btw Danny from the UK has bought yur book! from yur

  2. The church needs to secure an uninterrupted supply of sodium chlorite. There is an effort by the illuminati to interrupt the supply of sodium chlorite.. You all need to stockpile this stuff and become sourcers of the stuff. And stockpile it all of the world. Become as creative as your enemies have become in attacking the sellers of mms..

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