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G2Voice #087: G2Church Basic Training Protocols (5-13-2018)

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Here are the Basic training protocols from the Genesis II Church. These are what we use to “restore health” from a ‘DIS-EASED’ body CURE 95% of the people that come to us!
Study and practice this information and enjoy a ‘DIS-EASE-FREE” life!


4 Comments on G2Voice #087: G2Church Basic Training Protocols (5-13-2018)

  1. Hi guys, thank you so much for doing G2 Voice broadcast! I stopped all supplements as instructed for our protocols, including essential oils. Margaret wares them on skin, ingested specific ones and used diffuser. I tried giving my daughter her CW (cbd) oil rectally, but it made her constipated. So I had to hold my breath & stop it all together. She has had 1 seizure since. It was at her most vulnerable time; just before waking up. It was very mild. It was a little over a month after stopping the CW oil. Mags is up to Protocol 1000! She has only had that 1 seizure since starting protocol, Feb. 22, 18. So I’m wondering can she smell and wear her frankincense and cedar wood young living oils (which are the purest on the market, from seed to seal) while doing the protocal? Can she ingest CW oil and frankincense on her ‘day off ‘ ? Ty for your time. We are continuing protocols to clear epilepsy and for sever autism and other vaccine injuries. So she will be doing this a long time and I want to do it right!! I have Jim’s book, not yours yet. I’m a member and my daughter will be soon.

    • Michelle, Try the bahts on your daughter. How old is she? start with 25 not too hot for 20 mins and work up to 100 if she is an adult.
      Lord bless,

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