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G2Voice 008 How to cure MRSA and Spray bottle Protocol 11/6/16


In this episode we will be talking about MRSA Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and how to cure it. It is known to be found mostly in hospitals and gyms. Protocols for this will be Starting procedure and working up slowly, also the gassing and spray protocols.
Genesis II Church MRSA Newsletter

Safe multipurpose Disinfectant
Chlorine Dioxide better then Sodium Hypochlorite
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4 Comments on G2Voice 008 How to cure MRSA and Spray bottle Protocol 11/6/16

  1. For
    a good introduction to MMS for you, friends and family; please watch
    our documentary:

    can study all the MMS Protocols with us in our On-line Video

    to us each Sunday at 10AM CST at:

    our G2Voice Broadcast at: Study
    hard and you will be able to “restore health” from ANY
    dis-ease. If you are healthy then it will help you “maintain”
    that health in a toxic world.

    bless, Mark

  2. What are the effects of mms for multiple sclerosis? I was given some mms a
    year ago and have never used it. Can you do a video on its effects for
    people who suffer from multiple sclerosis. I’ve tried almost every thing
    under the sun. Nothing seems to work. My YouTube channel is Perfect Balance
    you can see for yourself what I’m going thru. If you can give me some sound
    reasoning why I should use mms and it starts to work. I will shout from the
    mountain tops and let people know about MMS. My # is 571-356-8974

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