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Coconut Milk Dr. Sebi Alkaline Electric Recipe


Ty’s Conscious Kitchen

For today’s recipe show you how to open a young coconut, and how to make coconut milk out of it!

DISCLOSURE: At the time of this recording, all items used in this recipe were approved and on Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide. If at any point in the future these items are removed from his list, you may omit the item and substitute with another item from the nutritional list. Please check Dr. Sebi’s website regularly to stay updated on any future changes.


Ingredients Used:
Young Coconut
Spring Water

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Please note: If you have questions about Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide or methodology, please contact his office directly.

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27 Comments on Coconut Milk Dr. Sebi Alkaline Electric Recipe

  1. You used a young coconut where the flesh is on the softer side. What if I
    only can find the older ones where the nut is harder will it work the same?

  2. brother I love milk,and as I have started the journey of alkaline,I was
    curious of how should I get milk from coconut according to Dr. Sebi(aka son
    of jungle); some other times I thought of purchasing buffalo milk(that he
    mentioned in his speech that has a PH above 7) unfortunately there was no
    grocery that retail it. so thank you very much for the demonstration

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