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Dr. Sebi | The Healer

The Healer – Dr. Sebi
Recorded 24Feb02

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  1. What is the name of the herb Dr Sebi mentioned towards the end of the
    presentation? It derives from Iron.

  2. muslims who follow the original islam NOT nation of islam ( nation of islam
    are not muslims as they don’t follow the basic fundamental laws of islam)
    do not think whites or any race are devils. All races were made equal as we
    came from the same parents, adam and eve. period!

  3. I am so grateful to Dr.sebi for providing me with Hemp oil here in the
    Ireland. I was diagnose with cancer of the lungs 9 months ago, and ever
    since then i have done a lot of Chemo and Radiation that have not help me,
    but only damaged my immune system and render me weak and helpless. I came
    across the Phoenix Tears and i have read about the Hemp oil a lot and saw
    the Post on Dr.sebi could provide Hemp Oil without delay,i contacted them
    via email for the procurement of this oil
    medication, to my surprise the medication was procured and delivered within
    3 working days and i have been on treatment for the past 2 months. i am now
    here to testify that i am no longer a cancer patient, I have experience a
    total transformation in my life,for all cancer patients get your hemp oil
    for cure. at

  4. let that sediment set in your body drinking spring water. telling us the
    minerals must come from a plant then telling us to drink spring water is
    the contradiction of all contradictions. that calcium fiji/evian brag on
    didn’t go through a plant. spring water contains inorganic minerals. best
    water is…1. water from plants 2. distilled 3. spring 4. purified 5. tap

  5. Dr. Sebi had changed all para dimes of modern medicine of the false
    researches based on chemo therapy and chemical or Antibiotics which
    never cures any disease. The man is born with his own natural doctor
    which is the best consultant to cure self any ailment without cost, then
    why one goes to a false doctor who has pre plans to misguide you by
    expanding the symptoms of the disease to bring it Verna non curable but
    to make surgery that too uncertainty to cure disease to cheat him to
    fill his pocket. I wonder why such terrorist are allowed to practice
    across the world. 102 years University Prof. Kummerow (White Scientist)
    of USA in his research point out the transfat which is present in all
    the packed food products and medicines is the responsible to create
    diseases. The petition remained hanging from the year 1985 and recently
    won by him from supreme Court Washington DC. but it is yet to be
    implemented and the multi-million food/chemical companies across the
    world and pouring wealth to keep alive their products to continue supply
    to people for the sake of their business go through even they are
    kiiling millions.

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