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Dr. Sebi | Subject Of Healing

Subject of Healing by Dr. Sebi

25 Comments on Dr. Sebi | Subject Of Healing

  1. Listen very carefully to what’s being said here. The words are profound and
    he’s talking about deep wisdom, that only a few can understand. Dr. Sebi
    has tapped into un upper reality.

  2. I enjoy listening to Dr. Sebi. I believe the “food and drug administration”
    FDA doesn’t care if food is bad for the human body and they have derived
    their information from scientist who have come up with the human life
    expectancy of 70-86 when we should live at-least 120 to 130 with a good
    life. The food that we get from any store is NOT good and the deaths are
    coming from all types of causes and illness from the food we eat! Example,
    look at Cancer. The Scientist, FDA and the Politicians in the world can
    stop this but they don’t care and it looks like a marketing payoff and

    • I have noticed that every time I turn around, there is a new cancer
      hospital being built. I work in one, is sad cause they feed the patients
      with junk. Including: sodas, cakes, soups, cookies, etc is sad. Dr Sebi has
      brought me one of the greatest hopes.

  3. Dr Sebi may be a great healer but do a search on what food has been eaten
    in Africa, now and in the past. You may find answers in contradiction to
    this video.

  4. Please tell me, what is the original source of this recording?, I would
    love to purchase it??

    • +Jaden E Michiko-Sewell …Go to Dr . Sebicellfood web sit to purchase. I
      hope this will help ! BE BLESS

  5. Conclusion, 99 % of these doctors are telling Lies to make money off
    humanity. 1% is telling the Truth to save mind kinds. Cudos Dr.Sebi. This
    message is an Eye Opener. Thank you.

  6. RIP My mentor you will be in my heart forever and my seed from me will know
    the seed you planted in their father

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