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Dr. Sebi | Electric Food, The Only Food

Electric Food, the Only Food ft. Dr. Sebi at AIC with Bert Lockett!!!
The quality is not great however info is invaluable.
#Dr. Sebi #Electric Foods #Body Electric #bio-electrical

45 Comments on Dr. Sebi | Electric Food, The Only Food

  1. He speaks with passion and conviction!!
    He speaks not from hearsay, but from experience!!

    But, my question is, “why does the Heart generate a bigger aurical field
    than the brain/mind?”

  2. But Melanin is an advanced form of Carbon. He needa 2 study more about
    himself #knowthyself

    • +Alchemical Azeez Oh I get it now. You’re jealous lmaoooo. The only person
      that has mentioned “skin color” is you caveman.

    • +ShineAsTheSun 1343 Again you assume much. Bet you have more European
      ancestry than I do. So tell me whitey, are you of Scottish or Irish

    • +Alchemical Azeez You’re all over the place, and so upset at Sebi. Make a
      video about dopamine. Maybe you’ll get a subscriber or two lmaooo

    • +ShineAsTheSun 1343 Your attempts are so abstract and vague, what are
      trying to do exactly. Is it your own insecurities that drive you to videos
      like this…videos that make you feel safe because of skin pigmentation?
      Does being of African decent make you feel some how divine? Because if
      that’s true then I’m the second coming, now bow before me and worship!

  3. Brain is made of Copper and Carbon-here is Proof that it affects our
    thinking and brain functions. They are experimenting with increasing IQ
    with copper…”Copper Circuits Help Brain Function — Could Tweaking The
    Circuits Make Us Smarter?Date:September 26, 2006Source:Washington
    University School of MedicineSummary:The flow of copper in the brain has a
    previously unrecognized role in cell death, learning and memory, according
    to research at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. The
    researchers’ findings suggest that copper and its transporter, a protein
    called Atp7a, are vital to human thinking. They speculate that variations
    in the genes coding for Atp7a, as well as other proteins of copper
    homeostasis, could partially account for differences in thinking among
    individuals.”…Dr. Sebi told it long ago…no one listened or
    believed…Are you listening now? This article was from 2006! In 10 years
    have you ever heard of it? I had to “look” for it on the web to find it.
    Research costs plenty of money and no one is going to fund research that
    destroys the American (World) Economy! Knowledge is Power people start
    doing your work. I am new to Dr. Sebi but I am listening and reaing with
    my eyes Wide Open!

    • +Marcel Garbi Dr. Sebi transitioned. Transitioned is a term used
      interchangeably with crossed-over, and the more commonly used, died or
      passed away. I hope this helps.

    • +Marcel Garbi Oh, I see. You’re very welcome. It is all speculative, I
      believe, at this time. Suggestion: Search youtube “The Raw Uncut Truth On
      Dr. Sebi’s Death from his Best Friend.” It’s about 33 minutes long. As far
      as I know, there isn’t an official cause of death provided yet due to
      several questionable factors surrounding his death. An official or actual
      cause of death is currently under investigation.

  4. He has interesting things to say about “food” but he slanders Islam and
    that isnt correct saying Muslims follow the medicine of iblis/shaytan

    • +MillionShadesofDarkness Sure it was a genuine way to begin a conversation
      because that was a genuine question. The way to destroy and disrupt the
      souls of a nation is to make them believe that they’re already destroyed.
      That’s what you believe because that’s what THEY want you to believe.

    • +Alchemical Azeez You do realize That the MAJORITY OF The Drug users in
      America are white right!?
      The Majority of the transients/Homless in America are Caucasian!
      There’s more White people that receive government Aid than African American.
      You’re an idoit!
      Where do you get your racial biased information from?

  5. the video cuts off @24:14 he was about to say blacks hold arabians
    (muslims)to a high standard and they the time the video comes
    back he is on a total different subject

    • He basically proceeded on the same subject by saying that we shouldn’t
      praise a race of people who don’t eat natural foods because they can’t make
      rational decisions.

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