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30 Comments on When to use Detox Lung formula or 3 Lung Tea yes; Vaping; and Hopr for Cancer

  1. Hey beautiful souls, I’ll be journeying to Dr Morse’s class in October from the frigid north. If whoever sees this comment has a home to share, or a neighbor who does, I would be grateful beyond words can express.

    Thank you, Matthew 🙂

  2. I wish you would address the MORGELLONS good doctor. It’s disabling and killing many of us and you are the REAL DEAL.

    • Do you have pet tinctures they want to give her heart meds and lasix for fluid around her heart. After 1200$ they want me do a further study I don’t give my dog vaccinations in 13 years. What can I give her besides a better natural to release fluid and strengthen heart collapse trachea but had for years a snorer. Please help dr Morse, my Son and have every one of your bottles and brought me 7 bottles for Christmas. I know my adrenals are pushing hard caretaking for Mom who is declining fast. Its put a major toll on my body.

    • Hawthorn strengthens and heals the heart, My old dog passed away 6 months ago 14 years old, she lived 6 years with a punctured heart clap, tho the pet gave her 6 months to live, i gave her 4 hawthorn capsules daily and 1 omega 3 tablet a 1 garlic tablet.
      Hawthorn are great stuff i highly recomend it.

  3. Are all these phases broken down by the animal before we eat the animal? Im 90% fruit and hubby 100% carnivore mostly raw..medium protein… nose to tail animal…and has no inflammation now…I would really like to know your view on this

  4. Someone commented that you are her favorite Human😊. It’s my contention that you are not just a Human. 😇✨. Thank you Dr Morse for being here in these days and all the others you’ve invested in this Planet. Humanity is at its all time (known) low. Look what we find by digging deep, literally. We find that even the most Ancient of digs has no waste still sitting after thousands upon thousands of years. Human bodies and minds reflect what we’ve ALLOWED to occur on this Earth under our watch as Humanity. The entire world, including our precious animals and insects, not to mention plant/tree life are all screaming for help. You, Dr. Robert Morse, in my opinion, are an Angelic Being 😇 who chose time after time to come back and finish what you began hundreds of years ago, maybe thousands.🤔

    👽👻☠️👹 Critical timeline for Earth, Sending in the Best for the toughest of jobs.. 🙃😎💥✨👁️🙏🤳

    *Thank You to the Eternal Awareness Seeking Itself through Contemplation of ALL ASPECTS of Itself*. Thank you Dr Morse for Believing in Humanity and all the trials you’ve been tested with in order to help bring about the changes we’re all benefiting from. Even the hard core carnivore will find less arguments and hatefulness to spar with as more of Humanity realizes *THE GAME IS AFOOT* . We’re Awakening to our true potential to Activate our electrical power along with intentions, both individually and as groups focused on Good.💖💫🧘

    I Love You from the depths of my Soul Dr. Morse🤗😇😎💜😘
    THANK YOU FOR BEING🍇🍉🍋🍎🥝🥥🍀🌿💐

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