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30 Comments on The Art of Getting and Being Well

  1. Thank you Dr Morse, I found this super helpful. I’m on week 3 of your detox with grapes and lemons juice day 17/40 for large rectal cancer tumor. 💖🌈💖oh and heal all tea which is quite pungent 😀

  2. Amazing video! Very interesting topics and incredible knowledge dropped. I hope dr Morse choses to stay with us in this world much more, to help and enlighten us. ♥️♥️♥️

  3. Dr Morse needs someone to cook him up some veggies with Indian spices! Or salad dressings full of Indian spices! Even spice up some fruit salad. I pray someone does that for him.
    And please tell him he gets more handsome every year. I don’t know of many gentleman who get more beautiful the older they get but Dr Morse just keeps getting better looking every day. Very pretty hair color & eyes.
    God bless you Dr Morse and staff.

  4. “ How do you break that chain of studying what we already know? “
    “How do we learn Truth that is not here yet? “

    … it takes consciousness

    You can’t use conditioned states to learn the Truth because these are just conditioned states or brainwashing…

    The mind cannot learn beyond its conditioning …

    You need awareness which is the True You “

    ( food for thought)

    I love for these moments of awareness. Thank you Robert.

  5. Another MUST WATCH video 👏🏾 Congrats on the subs- it’s a sign more people are tuning in to themselves and seeking the natural way 👌🏾💙

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