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Questions & Answers 73 Part 4

Dr. Morse addresses questions.

In This Video:

Premature Menopause – Low Iron – Sickle Cell – Poison Ivy & Oak – Appendix Problems – Type I Diabetes -Insulin – Chest Pain – Arthritis – Feeling Cold – Chemo – Headaches – Hypoglycemia – Candida – Vitiligo – MS – Lung Tumors – Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – Jock Itch -Public Speaking – Prolapsed Uterus – Nose Bleeds
Mercury Fillings – Root Canals – Lump In Throat – Anger – Soulmate’s – Rib Cage

00:20 Con’t from 73-3
00:50 Diabetes from the medical perspective
04:30 Reference to MS video testimonial
06:30 Detox from M
07:30 How to communicate
08:45 Grape fast vs water fast
10:10 Herbs and chemical medications
11:05 Vitiligo
11:30 Female problems & sleep apnea

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  1. @Guesticle Fight? Little too fast on the trigger there. Highly unnecessary
    my friend. If you find this information ridiculous (or too simple to
    understand) then please continue kidding yourself that Dr. Morse doesn’t
    know what he’s talking about. This will not be for you. I do see you’ve
    favorited two videos of him and also judging from your other favorites
    perhaps my perception of your first message was wrong. In that case I’ll
    apologize. Much respect to you either way.

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