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Questions & Answers 154

In This Video:

– Shingles
– Diverticulitis & Kidney Failure
– Acne
– Juvenile Macular Degeneration
– Radii Solaris in Eye
– Astral and the Lymphatics
– Pain in Stomach on Fruits
– Heart Arrhythmia
– Best’s Disease
– Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy
– Orthopedic Clinic and Glandular/Parathyroid

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13 Comments on Questions & Answers 154

  1. Awesome work Dr. Morise!!! I pray that you come to a personal relationship
    with my Lord and Saviour Jesus the Christ. He is the Way, the Truth, and
    the Life. He is the Creator of all men… you have so much truth, but lack
    the keys of all understanding. We are indeed in His image, but Sin has
    separated us from Him (God) not mearely the mind set but His everlasting
    life. Believing on Jesus as your Saviour by His death, burial, and
    resurection is the only hope of eternal life. Love you man.Godbles

  2. His blood was shed to cleans away all sins by His Word and Spirit. Sins are
    like Bad karma or seeds sown. Eternal life is just as simple as
    physical/temporal life. 😉

  3. Thank you for your videos dr Morse, I’ve learned a lot! I’d like your
    opinion on corrective eye surgeries such as LASIK for short sightedness. Do
    you think they are too intrusive and should be avoided and is there a
    natural way to improve the eye sight? Thank you!

  4. At least half of my baby photos have me holding a banana! My pram and most
    of my baby clothes had little banana stains on! You are so awesome! I want
    to show myself healing in real-time on my channel. I hope when I go raw I
    will feel a lot better. I am so inspired by your web of thought, you see
    how everything is linked effortlessly. I am not alone, lets bring about
    world peace!!!

  5. YES BE YOUR OWN DOCTOR!!!!! I have been my best doctor for the past 10
    years. I reversed my own asthma, chronic fatigue, bad eyesight, high
    candida, low blood pressure, lumps in breast & on uterus, tonsillitis,
    fevers, headaches, colds, depression, suicidal thoughts, laziness, lacking
    in ambition, weakness are a few of my conditions. Join me at my Facebook
    group to share your experience & hear about all the change happening in
    peoples lives at NATURALLY HEALING INC.

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