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  1. Hi Dr morses. I’m in Australia have a daughter 19, with 13 rare cancerous
    brain tumors in june 2011. She had chemo and radiation which we both regret
    in Nov 2012, bullied into it, “we will cure her”. Made her worse. Drs gave
    her weeks to live 14 months ago. She is craving fruit. I give her as much
    as I can find, basically vegan diet. She is on dexamethazone which covers
    the pain most the time, panadol inbetween. She has left sided weakness and
    short term memory loss now. Can you help?

  2. Thanks for your post. The best thing to do is reach Dr. Morse’s office
    directly with any questions like that. An answer to your question is
    complex and specific and must be address by Dr. Morse office directly!
    Thank you….

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