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21 Comments on Q&A – 501 – Time Stamps Coming Soon (5-23-10)

  1. Dr. Morse is an angel! Awakening the light embedded in each of us souls. we continue, creating a tsunami of love, humility, health and a New Earth. sending love especially to you!

  2. So excited another video.!!!! Dr. Morse is amazing. !!!! So blessed to have found him when I did. ! Amazing !!!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Dr Morse! Next year we’ll spend it together eating our ripe fruits 🍉 in Florida. Much Love Dear One 🙌

  4. hindsight, foresight, insight..integrity….the Christ says “I have come so you can see God and Live”… will you see Him…you won’t have eyes….you don’t see him you REALIZE him….with your integrity….your realization…the place that exists before you speak….before you move your arm out it goes through your “rational”, that is where He reigns…where He lives In You….when you SEE that you won’t want to take your life…you will want to ONLY live IN Him and He IN you……union

  5. New diabetic type 1… Anyone with any insight…..

    Mainly what to safely eat to transition back to fruits….

    Can’t do all fruit right now as don’t want to provoke any major healing events right now…

    Currently eating fruit breakfast, steamed vegetables and salads….

    Thanks in advance….🙏🙏🙏

  6. Putting our souls (us) into the human body is equivalent of putting the power and light of the sun into the body of a gnat. It is dialed down so much that we have no clue how powerful we all really are.

  7. Happy belated birthday love your vidoes I’m glad I found your channel I’m doing my detox know I think mine light brown

  8. why did he have to let some of his workers go? Did he fire them? Why did Marcy leave? Was she fired?

  9. I have phantom limb of a tail I had in utaro before I was born or maybe it’s a tail from my past life when I was a cat!

  10. You really have to stop thinking and let go to make it through. I learned this many video’s ago and it really helped me. I love you Mores

  11. Hello Everyone. We are a small team that creates and contributes transcriptions and translations on YouTube. We recently discovered Dr. Robert Morse videos. We would like to contribute by transcribing the videos (for people with special needs) and translating them in different languages (for more accessibility) to spread the message across more people. We want to take the teachings of Dr. Morse to the next level, and we will need the help of the community to do it. We already begun with some videos (check out our YouTube channel) and we will continue and dedicate more time and effort with your support. So, if anyone is interested in supporting us or contributing the translations with the languages they know, you can contact us (the info is in the About section of our channel). Thank you very much.

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