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21 Comments on Q&A 498 – Timestamps Coming Soon

  1. Dr Morse you got me hooked on you, just can’t get enough knowladge from you, maybe its the berries and lemons talking, but for real🍓🍉🍇💯

  2. Been in a lot of pain recently. “Polymyalgia” (but that’s my own fault) I just need to get get moving and eat 100% fruit again. If I don’t move, I stiffen up or if I move too much I’m trying to recover from it for weeks after. Must take care of yourselves!

  3. I think someone ACCIDENTALLY hit the thumbs down. .instead of thumbs UP?! SILLY PERSON 😉 LOVE YOU DR. MORSE…ETERNALLY GRATEFUL XOXO

  4. microorganism(microzymas)<>bacteria<>yeast<>fungi(cancers)<>mold<> dust(microzymas). the circle of life or the carbon cycle. this is the works of Antoine Bechamp in 1855. look him up on google. supprised.

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