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Q&A – 487 – Bone Cancer, Prolapsed Transverse Bowel, Male Pattern Baldness.

18:00 – Mike – "After watching your videos I was inspired to go raw and I am 90% fruit so far. I thank you for that inspiration. Unfortunately though, negatives news regarding my sister has been diagnosed with bone cancer very recently. For several months (maybe a over a year) she was complaining about her back and leg and thought it was sciatica. She has always watched her diet and eats clean food. She has a similar build and hair to Hilde. 6 years ago she did have breast cancer and one breast was radiated."

46:53 – "My Mom has had great success since I looked at her eyes and saw she has a deeply prolapsed transverse bowel that was giving her pressure symptoms in her legs and feet. She had numbness up to her knees and her feet burned so bad she could hardly walk on them at one point. She did about a month of Dr. Jensen's colema program (1 colema a day) and had great success in getting out lots and lots of old mucoid plaque. Anyway, I have her on a high fruit diet now. She only eats one cooked meal a day now, and a morning cup of coffee. (She knows a 100% raw fruit diet is best but she can't maintain that emotionally). Otherwise she has been on this high fruit diet for about 3 months, following her one month of colon cleansing. She can now feel the sun on her legs again and has no more burning feet. But she still has numbness in her feet. She is so so happy with her 'new' feet. However, she still notices that her feet start deteriorating a bit after a while and she needs to do a colema again to clean her bowel out so her prolapse doesn't get too heavy on her nerves/arteries in her lower extremities. After a colema her legs and feet feel better again, especially if she does four days of colema's in a row."

01:04:42 – "I have been experiencing male pattern baldness along with terrible Eczema like dandruff for the past 6 years. I'm 25 and started losing hair when I was 19. I am taking the upper circulation, Brain and nerve as well as the GI Broom. I have been eat an all fruit diet for about a mont h. I have yet to see much re growth but the dandruff is much better!! Are there other herbs I should be trying?"

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  1. Thank you Dr. Morse for all you do! I just started my channel up, and it’s been challenging for me talking to a camera. I guess it just gets getting used to. Hugs

  2. I wonder if they have any patients who recorded hair regrowth.. like documented hair growth after systematic male pattern baldness

    • I have seen this. I have also been seeing my greys go back black. I pulled a grey out of my head the other day and noticed that the bottom half inch was black, as well as the root. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility. Try burdock root tea. Drink and apply topically for a month. About a quart a day. As strong and bitter as you can stand it.

  3. What do you think about paw paws? Here we wait til after the first frost(they go from green to black). I wonder if in the tropics they get ripe naturally? I love the flavor of paw paws. The seeds and bark are medicinal, contain a pain relieving alkaloid as discovered by Eclectic Pharmacist John Uri Lloyd. The Greatest American Botanical Chemist.

  4. Dear Doc excuse my english . Video after video you look so beautifull wow!!! Thanks for all. 👌👌👌 One day I hope de to study with you. 😗😗😗😗😗😗 bea from France

  5. Some of them know the evil they’re doing. The chemo “doctors”. The one that killed my step mother told me that it was poison. He said it killed. I knew another one of his patients, who, after a week of chemo, she was bleeding from every orifice of her body. She was supposed to go back for two more weeks and thank God she didn’t. She told him, “I knew if I came back for your treatment it would have killed me, and on the death certificate you would write cancer as the cause of death, but you and I both know it would’ve been your treatment that killed me”! He said I completely agree with you. Now you realize that the only prescription that a “Dr.” in the U.S. gets a incentive to write? They actually get like 2500 dollars for every bag of chemo they write. They know exactly what they’re doing.

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