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Q&A -476 – Constipation, LDN for Multiple Sclerosis, Born RH Incompatible

02:29 – Inês – Hi Dr. Morse, thank you so much for all you do! I've been watching all your videos again after 3 years and i'm back to raw foods. I'm almost 24 years old, i've suffer from constipation all my life and had pimples since teenage years around my mouth and chin, sometimes cystic pimples. I never took the birth control pill but 4 years ago i had an induced abortion surgery and had to take some hormonal pills before. Since then i've seen myself get even more tired, seriously fatigued and depressed. I'm on therapy but i do realize now after watching your videos it's mostly my adrenals that are way down. The whole reason i'm sending this message is because i got a real scare with my health – about 2 months ago i saw that my ovaries are swollen (mostly on the left side but sometimes both sides are equal). It does not hurt, but i have felt the slightest pain sometimes when going to the toilet, rarely though.
I'm always bloated. Finally did 5 colonics (once a week) this past month and saw major improvement in my belly and also hair got thicker. A lot of mucus came out on those colonics…

42:21 – Ramona – Please tell me what is your opinion about administrating LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) for Multiple Sclerosis or other autoimune dysfunctions. I am also attaching you a file with a study made on several persons with MS treated with LDN.

47:31 – Bonnie – I have learned so much from you over the past 2 years of watching your YouTube videos and I thank you so much for sharing your teachings. I was born RH Incompatible back in 1960 before the introduction of the drug RhoGAM (Rh (D) immune globulin medication. I was my Mother's 2nd born child. I was not given a blood transfusion at birth. I can't find any information on the Internet regarding the long term health of Adult Survivors of RH Disease. (Babies born to an RH Negative Mother and an RH Positive Father, and the baby in the womb having RH Positive blood, resulting in being born RH Incompatible.) I've had a lifetime of health challenges, starting with chronic inflammation of my small intestines as a child which lasted till my mid 30's. I had a radical hysterectomy at age 35 due to pre-cancerous cells, and at age 50 I became so weak, I could barely lift my legs to walk and was diagnosed through a muscle biopsy of having Muscular Dystrophy. After applying your teachings the last 2 years, I have regained 60% of my strength back but I'm still not 100%.

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  1. You caused that positive shift Dr. Morse – you have changed my life and now I want to spread the truth and the light. Thank you. xx

  2. May the MORSE be with you 🍉🍉🍉

    Much gratitude for the video once again… As a practitioner I can’t stress enough the huge difference iridoligy has opened up the phenomenal insight only possible via the iris…. Awesome on every level… There is so much more yet to be discovered…. I believe we have only scratched the surface…. ☺

    • Tofu is soy based, the chemicals in soy cause blocking of absorption of nutrients to the cells……….

  3. HELLO DEAR ONE! Miss you since level one in the spring! I wait patiently for every new video….to everyone else watching this MAY THE MORSE BE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nutritionists say once a person hits 50 their bodies have a harder time digesting raw veggies. I can’t eat them raw.

    • Hello, JD. Please familiarise yourself with John Rose and his solid food vacation 😃.
      It may help. 🙏🙏🙏

    • I’m almost old enough to be pushing up daises and if I didn’t graze in green pastures I’d have been pushing up daises years ago.

  5. Doc is on fire in this episode!! Great stuff. “The mind is a conditioned instrument controlled exclusively by man itself….so get out of your minds”. Nothing short of amazing insights from a brilliant, honest, kind man.

  6. love the vids, awesome as usual. Dr. M you are such an inspiration, thanks so very much for your love and wisdom

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