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    • In regards to what? He has talked about them in past videos under the description of how the immune system through the lymphatic system responds to disease. As well he goes into detail in his book starting on page 32. The Detox Miracle Sourcebook.

  1. Dr Morse.
    Can someone from your clinic please contact the vegitable police from YouTube.
    He needs some big time help with his health before he starts to go down the road of eating meat.
    I will be happy to pay for all of his treatment.
    I will post on his latest vid this as well..
    Thank you.

    • A.T. Hiker
      I know all about that.
      I have been watching VP for a long time now.
      CO has never done a prolonged proper fast so we cannot say that he has done the protocol properly.
      I know he is lvl 1 certified bit some help from those that know the ins and outs of it all would help greatly

    • muse two
      Maybe you like to control what people do.
      I am merely offering help where it is needed..
      If the help is taken then good, if it is not, then there is nothing I can do.
      Stop laying judgement down upon what i am offering.
      You have control in your heart and I offer out of kindness..

    • VP can do what he wants. If he doesn’t feel the way he thinks he should then let him eat raw meat and raw kefir if he wants to see where that road takes him. He’s been down the raw vegan road and obviously it didn’t work for him, hell, look at fullyrawkristina and how bad she’s aged…. on top of that Dr. Morse doesn’t even follow the diet he preaches (Indian food), so I think VP can experiment as he pleases

    • +The Raw Cavi-art That is very kind. I hope Dr Morse gives you a response. I have been on the Dr Morse protocol to cure psoriasis and hair loss for the last 2 months and my skin has gotten worse. I’m holding fast because I hope it’s part of the detox. I am alarmed at how tired I feel and my sex drive has completely disappeared. It sucks but I hope there is light at the end of this for me and VP.

  2. When I catch my mind going and going I just focus on something like a tree or a flower I see and stare at it lol. I imagine I am that plant and just focus on my feelings. If you’re super grumpy it doesn’t work you gotta go let that anger out somehow and probably cry or something. But when I’m more actively focused on the world around me instead of the rambling in my head everything just seems to get bigger and more vibrant and my energy lifts

  3. What do you think about sugar absorption and how anti Nutrients bind to sugar and how that ties into Candida problems as well as taking anti fungals I don’t hear people talk about this the undigested fibre reaches the colon as well as the chemically blinded sugar and both are broken down by anti inflammatory bacteria in the colon

  4. Curious to know exactly what Indian food dishes Dr Morse enjoys and how they’re prepared. Traditionally or vegan and what dishes

    • lovesgibson people can enjoy food outside of their dietary protocol. Everyone has their own tastes.

    • Tim Noonan I thought the fruit based diet was the best most magical spiritual diet and makes you feel so amazing, so why would he not want to feel that way if that’s what it does??

    • lovesgibson Eating mostly fruit you already have this higher level of consciousness and awareness as well as feel optimally healthy. But one doesn’t need to be restricted 100% to fruit unless they are detoxing, healing from chronic conditions, genetic weaknesses etc. We all have become adapted to different tastes, flavors, cuisines that are not healthy as they’ve evolved into todays recipes. So they are not the healthiest foods by any stretch but they still taste good nonetheless! And for many of us they have a component of family, culture or even just habit. We all know how we feel when we’re 100% raw and then eat “cooked” foods and feel the difference. Though if one is healthy they can afford to indulge in not so healthy, lower energy, foods to appease they’re taste buds, senses, habits, cultural attachments. If one is 80% raw and high fruit you almost have to eat some cooked food once in a while to balance and ground yourself or you’ll start getting on most other people’s nerves. Being at such a higher level of consciousness and awareness can be sort of a drag and too much, even depressing, in today’s world.

  5. Two years on fruit only with some cheats and the lacunas in my eyes are not getting much better although a lot of healing has occurred. Shouldn’t I have more healing of my many lacunas or do I need herbs?

    • I understand your concern! But there’s no such thing as too slow progress in filtration. Your body‘s doing everything it can, remember: It wants to be vibrantly healthy just as much as you! If you can personally deal with faster filtration (in regards to how rough your healing crises already are) then I‘d definitely agree you can get on some herbs!

  6. Can anyone provide some insight into whether we should be taking a multivitamin whilst detoxing on the herbs and fruits or is this going to slow down the detoxification?

    • I wouldn’t say a multivitamin is needed, as you are literally EATING those vitamins when you eat fruit only… it’s basically impossible to not get everything your body needs when eating your specie‘s specific diet. Unless you live in Thailand or somewhere tropical like that, I would, however, stress the importance of getting QUALITY, ORGANIC fruit, as well as getting your hands on a variety of fruits, just to make sure (since our fruit is picked too early/unripe and shipped all the way to whatever continent you live on, which isn’t exactly optimal). One never knows about the crap that comes with the vitamins in capsules… isolating chemistry isn’t particularly optimal either, so I personally look to get what I need attached to fiber and water, as well as all the other nutrients in fruit that humans haven‘t found out about yet… Lastly, who knows about the vibration of the chemically produced vitamins; surely not even close to the vibration of nutrients in a fruit that grew in the sunshine at some organic farm… Wish you luck!

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