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Q&A – 359 – Grape Fast, Anxiety, Hair Loss, Laxative Abuse, HIV

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4:03 – Max – Completed a 108-day grape juice lemon fast. Max is at it again with intermittent dry fasting fir 16-18 hours and 48-hour weekend dry fast.

18:35 – Aaron – Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Symptoms include pain in ileum, pain in upper abdominal (either gallbladder or pancreas). Urine is yellow but has no sediment. Bags under eyes, hair loss, partially undigested foods.

31:40 – Amanda – I’m a 5’4, 23 years old, 280 pounds with a number of problems, both mental and physical. – Social anxiety, depression, low energy, can’t concentrate, losing hair and bald spots.

41:37 – Julio – Where can I have my eyes read?

44:15 – Emily – My question is concerning my friend Laura. She has a dolicho-mega-colon, and her colon now has almost NO peristaltism. She is often suffering from pain, constipation, gas, bloating, and more from her condition. She is doing enemas often but it is most of the time useless, since all the stuff gets congested in her upper colon. She eats vegan and gluten free. She has a juicer, take some herbs to help her condition and her diet contains a good amount of raw fruits and vegetables.

59:18 – April – Laxative dependent for 12 years with internal hemorrhoids. Developed chronic UTI which has been cause pain for 2 years. Developed vulvodynia and now severely depressed.

1:07:00 – I am 24. Began bad lifestyle at 15…smoking full time marijuana cigarettes, drinking alcohol not eating enough/right stuff. No exercise Oily skin began roughly 17, Got extremely bad acne at 18/19. Along came I think Seborrheic dermatitis. Yellowish build up of stuff in chin beard and chin moustache nose crease and eyebrows etc, along with whiteheads cysts etc. Quite smoking and drinking at 20 for 2 years and It got better slightly but never really cured. Big point to mention is that I have never really done much exercise since 13-14. Fell back into smoking December 14 and by july 15 my acne/oily/dermatitis was BACK.

1:18:00 – Evelina – My mother has huge balance and vestibular problems in where she feels she is being pulled to the floor on her right side. She also experiences severe muscle weakness. This a started a few years ago, and then 1 year ago She was diagnosed with a stroke even though she had perfect cholesterol. Her blood pressure also wasn’t too too bad either, but she had hypothyroidism and was on Synthroid for all of her life as she had 1/3 of her thyroid cut out when she was younger when she had a goiter.

1:26:43 – Tenzin – I am getting very dark urine each morning. This happens only after I take manjistha powder the night before. Hemorrhoids return easily despite being on a watermelon and Banana diet. What can I do to ease the toxic offload? Prescription for psychological problems.
1:36:42 – Johan – About 6 years old I was sexually abused by an older guy. "If you don't do this i'm gonna kill your whole family". Of course I did it, for the safety of my family. As a child I loved truth, honesty, respect and kindness. I also remember having this 360 degree of view. I had out of body experiences and was too aware of things since I couldn't handle it. So I started eating out of anxiety. I'm now 25, not having that 360 view, out of body experiences etc. I miss it so much. Did I create this?

1:40:37 – Helen – If someone has a large lipoma on the back of their neck, is this something that can be healed using Black Salve?

1:44:26 – Alexa – I'm a 20 year old female, in the past 9 months I've cleaned out my kidneys and adrenals, reversed chronic UTIs that I'd had since I was 7, healed my horrible acne, and raised my state of spiritual consciousness and awareness, all through herbs and a high fruit mostly raw diet. As a result of this heightened awareness, I have very vivid dreams, I'm extremely sensitive to other peoples energy and vibrations, I feel as though my spirit is lifting out of my body many times, and I'll see someone's face in my mind and then 1 second later they're calling me on my phone!

1:58:56 – Guy – I am HIV-positive person and I take treatment. What should I do to regain my health?

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  1. Alexa here!!!! Thank you so so so much! I’m sending you and your team galaxies of love and peace <3

  2. I love you sooo much Dr Morse, it is beyond measure!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🍓🍉🍒🍎🍇🍑🍊☀️❤️

  3. I’ve never got my kids vaccinated till they were of school age and boy did I get a lot hell but my kids are the healthiest to this day !

    • God bless you. I had a doctor tell me I was a bad mother. He also told me I could not bring my son to him anymore. I laughed and told him he wasn’t the only pediatrician in the book.

    • raffy cavi me too, found a link to him on a psoriasis Facebook page and have been watching as much as I can for the last week

    • Me too. All the advice seems to overlap.. I don’t even need to ask a question really.. i could imagine the answer would be the same for most people. fruits, berries, melons!

  4. Yesterday’s History, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift! That’s why it’s called ‘The Present’! [<3 that sign!!]

  5. So glad I came across this at this time. Been thinking about transitioning into a Fruitarian (our natural diet) diet for a couple weeks now. Never knew I’d go Vegetarian, from there didn’t think I’d go Vegan and from there didn’t think I’d be on this mission to go all the way to Fruitarian. I’m excited for the results. Imma binge watch these videos for inspiration. I’ve been noticing that I operate so much better when eating just fruits throughout the day. Any tips on how to deal with the cravings for something more filling?

    • Just cram in as many fruits as possible! Smoothies are a good way, I also process (mix at high speed) dates with other fruit flavors like orange zest and make raw power bars with them!

    • dried fruits, dates, avocadoes in a beautiful salad with fresh-squeezed organic lemon juice and a bit of grapeseed oil. Yum!

  6. I’ve done the master fast with pasteurized Concord grape juice and I’m currently doing a 40 day grape fast, alternating between raw grape juice (very important not to use a centrifuge juicer) and eating whole grapes. I feel SO much better on raw grapes than the pasturized juice. Raw all the way!

  7. Most of the souls on this planet are not beautiful. Why do you think we have all the wars and the violence? Bible says God ‘regretted he had made man, that man was ‘violent continuously,’ and God started all over again, found only one man and his wife and 3 kids that were worth saving. Life is a test, and we are here to run a race.

    We are made (by God) in his image, but without Him we are nothing, and if we don’t keep our eyes on God we can really get off track and just fall off the abyss.

  8. He says “I just have a little time” and then he talks for 2 hours, lol! Love Dr. Morse and am grateful for your time 🙂 🙂

  9. Things are far worse than you think people are implacable. I was helping others to understand but some badass aggresive types sought me out. I was hurt bad Dr Morse. All I wanted to do was bless others. Ezek. 13 Romans 1 God I’m still alive I was almost killed out here. Love you Dr. Morse ribs and finger broken need help.

  10. Wow haven’t been watching Dr Morse’s video for a few months, just back to his channel now and see that Dr Morse is looking great! So healthy! Thank you Dr Morse. I wish I could do the detox…

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