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Q&A – 142 Suicidal Thoughts, Pimples, Hep C

Q&A 142

– Charts for the eyes
– Herbs & Alcohol
– Suicidal Thoughts
– Dark Colored Pimples
– Lichen
– Hep C
– Deviated Septum Skull
– Jaw Widening
– How Does The Body Know
– Titanium Implants
– Broken Capillaries
– Fibroid
– Para Thyroid
– Pain In Knee
– Low BP
– Mixing Melons & Fruit
– Genetics

20 Comments on Q&A – 142 Suicidal Thoughts, Pimples, Hep C

  1. Just like with every video you do doc, I download it to a spare hard drive before I even watch it. I have every single one backed up outside of the internet!

  2. Thank you so much Robert for answering my question on the Hep C. Yes I keep working on the cleaning aspect of my health. I live in London UK now but spent 5 yrs managing a health food shop in Vancouver BC in the 80s and learned a lot. Blessings to you and your work…JC

  3. Dr Morse, can you please let me/us know who the Natrouopath from New Zealand is? I live in NZ and as Florida’s a bit far away, I would really like to go see him instead. Please let me know.Thank you. P.s another great video.

  4. It’s called “new zealand pituitary glandular”. call 941-766-8068 to order that, but you are also going to want a few herbal formulas to go with it. they will assist you with what herbs you should get along with that glandular when you call them. you can also check out drmorsesherbalhealthclub(dot)com to see the prices on the herb formulas. glandulars are not listed so you must call them for it.

  5. Those poor glasses of Dr Morse get thrown down alot LOL, thank you for taking the time to share this information, god bless

  6. lemons are not producing mucous, they are dislodging it! that’s exactly what you want them to do!

  7. I would like to say that your comments have not been erased at all. I believe you unknowingly posted them on Questions & Answers 139 on the backup channel (a seperate channel from this one). All 8 of your comments are still there if you go check.

    Sorry to hear what you’ve been experiencing. Hope things turn around for you soon.

  8. Perfect! Me too! Same after a big bowl of grapes, or cherries!! We’re getting stuck stuff out!! Keep rawking!

  9. Thanks a lot for these vids. Really helpful and for free! you doc are such a gentle soul. God bless from London UK

  10. wow i am so glad my question was answered @ (7.0 to 10.30.). thank you so much Dr. can you please (viewers comments welcome) tell me what is or where can i buy the below you mentioned,
    1. what is parasydme or parasidium
    2. is that marsh melons you told
    3.where can i buy lymphatic capsule (in alophathy pharmacy or ?)
    thankyou so much again

  11. “Anything that causes the mucosa to respond is not good for you”

    I get a LOT of mucus in my mouth when I eat citrus fruits.
    Does this mean anything? Or is it just my body protecting me from the acid nature of them?

  12. how do you download it because I want to do the same. Message me if you don’t want to post it right on here. I’d really appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

  13. I don’t think citrus fruit is that acidic that the body needs protection from, plus if it were this reason then everyone would get this reaction in their mouth.

  14. Hello Doc, i love your channel, just discovered you recently as Im on a detox which of course was not something i consciously planned!! LOL the body sure is smart 🙂 Thank you for what you are doing I’m learning a lot more from you and your passion is very contagious!!! THANK YOU!!

  15. I bought your book and would love to start the cleanse but I am on Coumadin for a heart valve replacement in 2006. I fear this way of eating would not work well with my blood thinner. Any suggestions?

  16. You have to make sure the fruit is ripe.If you are eating ripe fruit and getting mucus in the mouth your body is detoxifying just spit the mucus out and stop consuming milk and milk products(cheese) according to Dr. Morse.

  17. I love this…I’m amazed and thirsty for the truth. Thank God for you! I was so sick i decided to look on u- tube for answers. May God richly bless you! I wish to keep learning and sharing the Good news. (Wisdom is easy to him that hath understanding) I want to completely understand whats going on inside and out of me, myself and my loved ones. God speed bro!

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