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9 Comments on Q&A 125-2 Osteoporosis, Acid Fruit, Emotional Issues.

  1. So storing watermelon just room temp is ok? I have been putting mine in fridge but it takes up so much darn room …. Thanks for the video and love doc.

  2. Dr.Morse, if possible we really need to see real cases of real people you have treated and are currently treating. Thank you.

  3. I just knew it was only a matter of time till durianriders attacked you Dr Morse, and the core of it is the use of animal products, which to his religion is an unpardonable sin. Your slur on his brand of veganism just set him off. He should know to not upset sick people on your site if he really cares about their well being, and keep his noise out of the work of a healer which is different to what he’s into.

  4. Not only don’t I refrigerate my melons but I sit them outside on my back porch sometimes for a few days till I eat them. I get fruitflies in the house with fruit in the house. Once I cut it open if I don’t eat it all then I put that portion in the fridge.

  5. He has done this on the videos. Just recently he pointed out many issues in Amanda’s eyes. She’s 15.

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