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High Blood Pressure

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– High Blood Pressure

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The information given by Robert Morse in these videos are strictly for educational purposes only. They do not involve the diagnosing, treatment or prescribing of remedies for the treatment of diseases. Recommendations made in these recordings are not considered consultations or recommended individual protocols. Individual consultations and protocols through Dr. Morse are given by appointment only via contact through his clinic.

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30 Comments on High Blood Pressure

  1. you just have to make one or two play list for certain areas and people can
    go and look through them

  2. Can you go on the diet and herbs …whilst on high blood pressure
    medication? I’m in pre dialysis

    • +MatthewMUFC20 yes Matthew MOST definitely. But I would make an appointment
      with the clinic, if you are that unwell, to help you with your protocols
      etc. <3 gl.

  3. I took a beta blocker, Metropolol and I feel it nearly did me in.. I am off
    of it now. I am on a website where there are lots of people with the same
    issues.. trying to get off this insane drug..

  4. I have got a mom who takes hypertension/high blood pressure prescription
    drugs (angiotensin receptor blocker – telmisartan; and before a drug called
    idroquark). I am convinced they are bad for her health.
    For example one side effect written in the leaflet is that it can give
    anxiety (the pill is taken just before bed – another criminal medical tip).
    But she does not read the leaflet, and blame the anxiety on me. I can try
    to read the leaflet together with her but she just doesn’t listen to me.

    The moment she was diagnosed with high blood pressure, I knew it was just a
    move of the medical system to give unnecessary drugs to people.
    Tried to explain to her that there are alternative remedies (for example
    hibiscus tea) but I am unable to explain/communicate/convince because I get
    overwhelmed and finally angry. [[Also, I do not have all the time and
    patience on earth, because I have to work and deal with the world myself in
    order to survive.]]
    The power and repetition of her doctor and medical system
    (pharmacy/”scientific information”) is just too much to be faced.
    After she started taking high blood pressure for the first time (verapamil
    at that time), then not so much later she had more (different) health
    The paradoxical thing is that when I try to communicate my point of view,
    then I am blamed to be stressful/stressing (which may be true), and
    eventually to be the cause of her disease. While I know that stress is
    harmful for health, I also know that the drugs she takes are also very
    harmful (I believe more than the stress coming from me).

    It is a bad vicious circle, that makes me really frustrated.
    Do you have any advice on how to communicate with her, about what I know
    and think is right?

    Thank you,

    • You can only lead the horse to water. Everyone has to find their bottom and
      open their minds on their own. I learned this the hard way.

  5. uric acid causes headache and pain..bc. food overdose,lots of suger,no
    muvements and stress Thank U doctor!

    • thanks Missy.. I never know If I am doing the right thing or nott.. the raw
      foods is challenging.. I eat fruit morning and afternoon or fruit for
      breakfast and then salads lunch and dinner. maybe two nights I eat cooked
      food . those are the days room mates make dinner..

    • you mean just eat fruits but for how long..?? does the issue resolve itself
      for good ?? I also take supplements.. do you just eat fruit??thanks

  6. interesting info thanks, so the cure for high blood pressure is low protein
    and plenty of fruit and veg you mentioned other things aswell but i dont no
    what they are.can you put a list of the things to do and not to do thank
    you john.u.k

  7. Thank you so much Dr. Robert,
    You are the first doctor that has made sense and explained the reason for
    the high systolic and diastolic numbers…I have searched for the real
    reasons for my fluctuating bp, had a gut feeling that the kidneys and
    adrenals were involved but couldn’t put it all together until now. Keep up
    the great work, you’re a Godsend.

  8. Bad INFO is dangerous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are there. You think a specific
    number is crucial but the differential is paramount. Low end 90/50 to
    140/100 depending on your diet and age is OK. Change your life style and
    blood pressure will change. If your differential is 40 TO 50 do not be
    influenced buy all the BS out there. Eat Whole Foods, = Natural Fats +
    Protein + Carbs( Natural NOT Man Made = IF Man Has Change If it is NOT a

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  10. I wish I had heard this about putting metal in your body before Essure and
    subsequent hysterectomy to remove.

  11. hey,
    my dystolic number is about 85 on average. kidneys are filtering. what does
    this mean?

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    several awesome things about this popular cholesterol home remedy.

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