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21 Comments on Eye Photos

  1. Very informative. If you plan on doing some more Iridology instruction, then it might not be a bad idea to get some clear transparencies of some eye charts to overlay on top of the eye pictures.

  2. wow awesome. where do you guys send photos? my kidney area appears a lot lighter than the rest of the eye. if anyone on here knows pls let me know what that means. thnx

  3. waw Dr morse what a cool video!! if im honest when i heard that you werent a calorie counting type dude i had my doubts about you as in my case making sure im getting enough was vital and pivitol for me especially for my sex drive(if ive just had 20 bananas my girlfriend better run if she wants to keep walking) anyway erm back to this just realising how much cool stuff you have to teach us and a huge thank you for your world class teachings on the lymph system! Second to none!!! Cheers man

  4. Can you suggest a time frame for seeing changes in the eye? How soon would you expect to see changes (understanding everyone is different). Thank you!

  5. Thank you so much, Dr. Morse. So great!!! 🙂
    How would scare tissue show up in the iris? Long time ago I’ve got a iron splinter in my right iris. It was removed back than, but I remember the location in the eye and there is now a little dark ‘hole’ with an orange ring around it. Location is right eye at 4 o’clock near the pupil. Thanks again!!!

    Love Klaus

  6. Are there any tips for getting a good photo of one’s eyes? If I turn towards the window, it is reflected and if I turn away, I get my eyelashes reflected. They must be too shiny. 🙂

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