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16 Comments on Detoxification The Science practice and reality of & The Healing Crisis – Part 2

  1. Thank you so much for posting these videos and helping us to find the
    correct path to true healing. Understanding the healing symptoms allows us
    to fully understand what is happening and staying with program. This has
    helped me more than you can imagine. You are indeed a Blessing To Those Of
    Us who know the workings of the medical .community……

  2. We need more doctors like you. The medical doctors don’t have a clue,
    they’re killing the human race. You’re such a blessing to the world
    especially the people that have no clue about what we truly should be
    eating. I’m so glad I found you on youtube you’re giving me the strength to
    sort my diet out. I believe I must be toxic as whenever I eat any cooked or
    processed food I get dry flaky skin on my face almost immediately and I
    can’t go to the toilet I haven’t been able to move my bowels properly in
    years after taking acne supplements , I also have a coated and cracked
    tongue and I also have a iron deficiency ? If you can answer my question
    id be so happy I have been on a fruit diet for almost 3 weeks now but still
    can’t go to the toilet?? Is there anything more I could do or any fruit in
    particular that you could recommend to me to help me detox faster? Thanks.
    Keep up you’re amazing work. You’re such an inspiration xx

  3. I dont really understand why he discourages greens for detox? cooked
    cruciferous vegetables makes me feel more healthy?

    • +SOFIA nav Fruits detox and veggies rebuild which slow down the
      detoxification process. If you are already cleaned up, or wanna slow down
      detoxing, you can do vegs

  4. I was detoxing and all of the sudden felt like I had something in me to
    blow out… It was the brightest yellow I’ve ever seen. I think it’s so
    cool… Love you

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