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18 Comments on Detoxification The Art & Science Part Four

  1. Us Brits have been fighting Codex. Nobody wanted it really but they’re bringing it anyway ‘for our benefit’. It’s surrounded by the politics of fear…

  2. AWESOME VIDEO!!!!!!!!!! thanks so much! love u!!!!!!!!!!!!! peace n love to anyone reading this now too my friends 🙂 <3

  3. Huh. Look into the 80-10-10 diet, by Dr. Doug Graham. It’s fruitarian based, with 10% fat & protein, each. Seems most of its proponents are about as extreme about athletics as the diet seems to be, proportionally

  4. Ok, so how do you detox dogs? They are exposed to so many environmental pollutants…and what about their food! Ugh…Dogs are getting so much cancer these days!

  5. Im just confused by what you mean when you refer to acids. Are there many different types of acids. Fruits have acids dont they?

  6. Whats ACIDIC about pineapples and not lemons??? I dont understand. I guess my ignorant idea about acids is that they are “sour” and al

  7. This may sound like a strange question but what does a destructive acid taste like? I know what mucus taste like…

  8. QUestion : What would you do if you discovered you have cancer? Would you still eat peanuts and blueberries instead of chemo?

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