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26 Comments on Chris & Marcie Gunderman Troyer Detox Specialist Podcast Interview 9 19 18

  1. Great job Marcie… Love it… Great haircut… ⚡🦉⚡ … Captain Capricorn … Its Soul freeing. Soul test. The discipline is trying but worth it.

  2. Must take breaks from the detox protocols at some points and turn away from it depending on needs, to excercise and rebuild , eventually you will detox better and less complicated due to getting a dynamic strength applied instead of become a wet rag.

  3. With all of these energies coming in. First time in Human history. Are bodies are going crystaline on a cellular level. Detoxing would be best now. Best self love you can do I believe.

  4. Burn up those damaged cells with hard dry fasting. One day of dry is around three days of water. Go all the way!!! Go!!! Disease is false programming. Push it. We are the best of the best sent to Earth.

  5. How important is freedom to you?!? I moved up the street from the clinic. I’m not coming back to Earth to detox again. Blessings folks.

  6. Excellent video! I am a client of Marcie and her loving support is definitely helping me to address a myriad of symptoms. She definitely works beautifully on the emotional /spiritual side if things too, which has given me the strength and understandings to be able to keep going with the program and even learn lessons when I have fallen off. A wonderful woman, so glad to be working with you Marcie 🌷🌸💟

  7. Please would someone be able to give me the link to the video Marcie talks about regarding the guy who used to be in a wheelchair?

  8. With all my respect, I think Chris hasnt managed the interview (questions,…etc) as it should be. Still good job, thanks Marcie…

    • I think he did a great job letting her talk and lead the discussion. He was a gentleman with no ego in the game. She has so much knowledge and he let her share it. I tip my hat to him

  9. Not only are “doctors” simply tagging (putting a Greek name to) a list of symptoms with a name when they give you a diagnosis (a Greek word), they are simply speaking Greek to you when they put that name to it. It’s like a man saying, “I have a headache” and the “doctor” saying, “you have πονοκέφαλο”–that’s headache in Greek. There is no wisdom in that, you are merely speaking another language. It’s like a woman saying, “I’ve lost my joy of living” and another woman saying, “Oh, that’s because you lost your joie de vivre”–that’s “joy of living” in French. She responded with EXACTLY the same words but in a different language. So she and the doctor have added NOTHING to the conversation.

  10. Thank you Chris for letting her talk. So many times these things go south because the interviewer has such a big ego they don’t let the person being interviewed talk. Marcie is as good as gold. I had the pleasure of meeting her at Level 1 and she is a darling….also…you’d all be shocked at how tiny she is. She stopped and talked to me for a bit and I mentioned a symptom. She said try this immediately. I did. Worked. She is my home girl….LOVE HER. Such a good heart. She is as down to earth and true as you have seen in these videos. Thanks for bringing us our girl…we love Marcie!! Also, will def follow your podcast in the group. May the MORSE be with you….sending love from ONE OF THE MORSE FORSE 🙂

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