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29 Comments on A Talk – Dr. Morse, Marcie and Christine

  1. I showed my medical doctor a video of my urine in a jar with sediment and he told me its just skin flakes from my bladder. I laughed and let it go. They have no clue.

  2. Christine, thank you for your Testimonial.  Many of us started our journey in similar ways…at the end of our rope…desperate for answers…then Dr. Morse shows up at the top of our search results…definitely Devine Intervention!  Love you Dr. Morse!!!

  3. I work with Kandace on my detox process and she has been great! Dr. Morse, I would love to someday have a chat with you one on one. You are a life saver (Literally!) I have learned and grown so much after watching so many of your videos and talking with Kandace (who has been great to me). Anyway, thank you so much for all your knowledge and I know someday I will fully heal and fully detox my body. God bless you! Side note: Also, everyone should go research a guy that goes by the name “Medical Medium” on Instagram. Celery Juice is another amazing way to add to your healing journey 🙂

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