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29 Comments on A Discussion With Dr. Morse – 1-10-2019

  1. Dr. Morse is the C Aubrey Smith of healing.

    I just want to add that when Dr. Morse says that this year is going to be amazing, I am building up an incredible mountain bike right now with the anticipation that in 6 months I’ll have healed enough to ride it. It’s like having a second chance at life.

  2. I picked up a dead tree completely dry no leaves even some branches broken decided to take it home with your advice in mind… detoxed the tree..fasting and praying around it I’ve been giving oils to my plants ..this tree is not dead anymore that’s all I can say

  3. Happy 2019 Dr Morse! I have all left sided chronic pain… Cervical & Lumbar radiculopathy. Neck, left shoulder & elbow (20+ yrs) left legged sciatica for 3+yrs. I’ve had many surgeries…4 neck fusions, 2 left shoulder, left ulna release, left tarsal tunnel, left submandibular excision, left tubal ligation, left fissula & even left ingrown toenail. Now I have left heel pain. Any ideas come to mind? Please help!
    Thanks so much! Love your videos

  4. I feel your passion in just simply committing your life/body/soul to contributing to others, with the experiences of your wisdom, & your misfortunes as your are sharing and have shared many times before on other videos, just know that I have devoured the knowledge in its simplicity as well as the genius you have given us with your videos. I just completed the 14 week protocol without any formal contact from you, Marcie or any other staff member. Just your videos, plus many years of other resources all the way from religion, spiritual meditation, etc. that one reaches out for when you first find yourself seeking help for health and soul. I started from day one in my memory as a child to the present time then when I started this self seeking journey, and the reason I started is life was unfolding where I am today, the start was as I committed to help my mother in the transition she was forced to due because of dementia and heart of moving into my home, up to hospice, she died in my arms in my bed. I held on for 5 years, all the while angry, disillusioned by life as I felt back then at having to raise two daughters, one brother, grandson, and lastly my mother. The story is too long, but if anyone is familiar with The Book Of Job, well that how I felt most of my life. Today, you are a BIG part of my freedom in body/soul, so l will let no one stand in your path or destiny by judging you for helping mankind as you passionately do, so here is my word on your behalf.

  5. Each time I take time out from the morse force, I always come back. Like a calling that needs to be aknoledged, getting back on board 💪 lots of love to Dr morse and the whole natural health club crew! ✨

  6. Hey Dr. Morse. I have Dysautonomia, and I am on day 2 of a grape detox.. I am kind of concerned if I should be taking herbs with this, or strictly just grapes? I don’t want to push myself/health down even further. I am a true believer in your words. Thank you for sharing your positive energy and knowledge with us all. 

    My symptoms are: constant rapid heart rate (thankfully being managed by a select medicine called “Ivabradine” ) , Blood pooling in my hands/feet (almost like clock work, it triggers every 8 hours, and my hands will be either ice cold, or burning hot constantly throughout the day/night.). also constant muscle aches all over.

    I’d love to have your advice on how to cure this, and get off medicine entirely! Cause this medicine is great for short-term. But I don’t want to depend on this for my entire life!

    • If you have Facebook go on Dr Morse friends site and one of them can guide you or give you advice..
      I would say that herbs will definitely help for sure..
      You are the best doctor of your own body!

    • Definitely take the herbs too, they’ll really get things moving. All the best with your journey and the grape fast.

    • +Simon Wicks Thank you, Simon! I am just unsure what herbs will specifically contribute to these issues, dosages, etc.

  7. How would you fix blood pooling in your hands and feet? and Rapid heart rate. I have POTS, a form of Dysautonomia. It’s overwhelming. The top of my stomach is constantly sore, with any pressure or slouching and whenever my heart gets into an episode, my adrenalin/stomach feels like it is triggering it! No doctor has put these two together, but I feel like this is directly the cause! It’s also very difficult to breathe at times.

  8. Dr Morse, where have youbeenallmylife? I know you Are supposed to be with me at such a time as this How can I become certified under your tutelage?

  9. Love your wisdom Doc. but you are misleading on the shape of the earth. I know you know. If not, you have not explored the subject yet. Most people just go with the misleading knowledge taught in kindergarten with that glob on the desk. Just like doctors kill people, people never think that and blindly trust them. Look into it yourself (yes, all you reading this) and prove me right. It will open a new understanding of what is really going on in this world. Willful ignorance is the worst kind.

  10. Wisdom often comes with age but
    wisdom does not come from age.
    Indeed, there are children who are wise
    and elders who are fools.

    No, knowledge and wisdom are enemies.
    Knowledge is of the world and for the world,
    wisdom is of the soul and for the soul.
    Knowledge is nothing more than trivial facts
    that help make us feel good about ourselves,
    but wisdom is true understanding of life and what is life.

    Only when one has wisdom, rather than knowledge,
    can one truly understand the purpose of dying,
    and more importantly, the purpose for living.

    By Zachary Zuccaro

  11. Your amazing DR MORSE my child is alive because of you 😘The people who tell you other wise are quacks cant wait till you do the video on LUC hes such a special guy I know you already love his energy ……. cant wait to hear your words of encouragement keep going forward I know I AM love from CANADA 😘

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