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Proof: Hepatitis C, Liver cirrhosis, Terminal liver Cancer cured! 43 years ago!

Proof: Dr Leonard Coldwell cured his own mother Hepatitis C, Liver cirrhosis, Terminal liver Cancer cured! 43 years ago! That is how and why Dr C developed the highest cancer cure rate in the world, known today: 92.3% ( Based on independent Clinical Studies ) See

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  1. amazing. I did not know about this meeting in germany, although I’m on your
    newsletter. How comes?

  2. In his earlier books, Coldwell (who is not really a doctor) never mentioned
    his mom having Hepatitis C at all. Go back and read the 2008 printing of
    “Instinct Based Medicine” and you will see what I mean. Or if you’re able,
    use the Wayback machine and look at the old Goodlife Foundation content.
    The copy on the Goodlife Foundation site (circa 2001) reads,”Leonard
    Coldwell overcame decades of suffering with both his own health challenges
    and enduring his Mother’s Liver Cancer more than 25 years ago. His Mother
    became his first patient and is the only known case of cured liver cancer
    in the terminal stage. She is alive and healthy today, nearly 3 decades
    after the doctors diagnosed her with a maximum of 2 years left to live.”

    It was only circa 2009 or so that Coldwell began adding Hepatitis C to his
    miracle-curing-of-mama narrative; could it have been because it was around
    then that he found out his mom has it, and could it be that she found this
    out from real doctors? I don’t know, but I bet that if there were any way
    of checking this out, we would discover that his mother is under the care
    of conventional doctors and has been for years, and that she is only
    playing along with the miracle-healing tale to humor her son. Maybe she
    also likes the loving attention from audiences. You can hardly blame her.
    (And just possibly, she benefits from the money that rolls in from her
    older son’s scams.) She has probably been coached by Coldwell and knows
    just what to say.

    So in any language, this video is no “proof” of anything. “Mutter” seems
    like a nice lady, but her son, not so much.

    In any case, while I have no idea what the German-speaking skeptics are
    saying, I do know that numerous English-speaking skeptics have questioned
    this tale, as well as Coldwell’s prodigious “cancer cure” rates (and his
    other extravagant claims), many times. I also know that many if not most of
    those people do not understand German. So if Coldwell is trying to prove
    anything to that crowd of very reasonable doubters, this video is a major
    fail. It is possible that everything is nicely and neatly explained away in
    the video, but we non-German speakers wouldn’t know. Does anyone care to
    create an English-dubbed video of this pretend “interview?”

    • +CosmicConnie well there …I care but not that much 🙂 But I found it
      also new, that she was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 2009 (he said 5 years
      also…) I cannot remember any Dr. C semair in GIN, mentioning this fact.
      All clear champions… 🙂

    • +hotdogfriend Interesting that he didn’t mention the Hep C in any of the
      GIN seminars, to your knowledge. How many did you attend?

      Actually I think it may have been 2008 when he first found out about the
      Hep C, but apparently his book, “Instinct Based Medicine: How to Survive
      Your Illness and Your Doctor” (of which I have a copy) had already been
      published — so it was too late to add Hep C to the list of conditions from
      which he had miraculously cured Mutter. By 2009, and certainly by the 2010
      printing of “The Only Answer to Cancer” (of which I also have a copy), Hep
      C had been added to the miracle story.

      I have been told that both in this German video and in a fairly recent
      radio interview he told much the same story about only finding out a few
      years ago that his mom has Hep C antibodies. So apparently he is
      extrapolating that he had cured her of Hep C 43 years ago, along with the
      other illnesses. However, it appears that this is a relatively recent
      rationalization; I don’t think he was telling the “recently diagnosed”
      story at all until recently. Perhaps he simply got fed up with various
      skeptics pointing out the seeming anachronisms.

  3. Annoying! Have the written language match the video language! Or at least
    have subtitles. Grrrr

  4. Just to keep it short: He says that there was no knowledge about Hep C at
    this time and they found out later. This isnt important anyhow because she
    suffered from the cirrhoses and the cancer. Later they found Immunoglobulin
    wich spoke for HEP C infektion. If you are sceptical just ask yourselfe 1
    question: beside the book that you could buy or not, why does he give all
    those tipps for free?;).To try those things wont hurt you and are cheap.

  5. Dear Doctor Coldwell.

    We are from Kosovo, and we need to take a konsultation for a patient with
    First of all I ‘II try to explain the diagnos that she have.
    The patient is Dashurije Kokollari. It was born in 15.02.1964, and by
    analysis of biopsy results that she is tached fro
    CHOLANGIOCARCINOMA ( ICD-0 ) ( gradius 3 )
    She is being treated in Liv Hospital, Istanbull – Turkey. During treatment,
    doctors assigned to the day when the patient should be operated . That day
    when that started operation , they saw that the cancer has started to
    spread through the intestines . Interrupted and told that the operation
    should be initiated with chemotherapy and then the possibility of operating
    shiokeht . Cancer has touched the bile ducts , galbllader , liver,
    intestines recently .
    Can patient use popular medicines like : ” cannabis oil” ” The nucleus of
    apricot oil” or “graviola tablet” or any think else….
    What you recommend us to do?
    We kindly expect a response from you.
    Our main question is: What is the rate of life of the patient ?

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