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6 Comments on Dr. Leonard Coldwell – Life Without Cancer Symposium Rio, Brazil August 2016

  1. When measuring the pH scale, what is it your measuring? Is it your urine or
    the blood ? Fanastic information.

  2. From minute 30 – the ONLY cause of cancer is emotional stress. That, ladies
    and gentelmen, is the end of the discussion. Address it and health is
    there. As they say – period.

  3. And the Waddell test to prove/disprove back pain (in case you are a
    malingerer) that test which is like a kick right to your painful area
    finished me with doctors forever .I had arrived at the hospital by
    ambulance, unable to stand or sit without vomiting with the pain. Yet that
    creature felt the need to make sure. In future I will only go to a holistic
    doctor or therapist never again to an MD.And Dr Coldwell is one my heroes.

  4. you are such a decent man and a super human being for caring about
    humanity. you are offering your knowledge and assistance to others, instead
    of only seeing dollar signs.. you are selfless to the core. thank you so
    much Dr. C for being a wonderful Dr and a honest, caring one at that. its
    awesome you are helping so many people… a good man…..

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