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43 Comments on Cancer Cure Doctor cures himself with Vitamin B17 Apricot K

    • And ask those ‘qualified’ IMBSingU coaches how far it’s gotten them? The
      IBMS has NO credibility, is NOT a registered educational or financial
      institute and has all the oomph of a dead donkey being whipped to pull a

    • +Mark Smith But is it not true that you’re another troll who is telling
      lies for big pharma? You trolls are so easy to recognize lol.

  1. +DrLeonardColdwell You earned enough money through your work in restaurants
    and the sandwich shop to travel around the world? Isnt there a missing link
    o.O Or did these healers even buy the flights?

    • +velult14 – I know Coldwell personally. And believe me, the little fucker
      is only regurgitating stuff he reads from REAL doctors, and to date, not a
      single one of them has EVER claimed they can cure cancer in 2 – 16 weeks
      like Coldwell does! Where’s his proof? There is NONE! Don’t fucking come
      here and call me uninformed…I worked with the lying little prick for near
      on 4 years!! He’s a fucking charlatan and a liar, and he’ll take every
      penny from your pocket given half a chance! The only reason he harps on
      about ”Big Pharma” is because the only way he knows how to distract people
      from his lies is to get loud and nasty about an industry that he can’t
      control or make money from. I don’t doubt that the multi billion dollar
      cancer industry is an evil that needs eradicating, but liars and charlatans
      like Coldwell are not the ones people should be listening to to do it!! If
      you really believe Coldwell is the real deal, then you’re fucking stupid!

    • +Mark Smith Your lies just keep getting worse and worse. It’s so obvious
      that big pharma are paying you to spread these lies. What a moron you are
      to think that nobody would pick up on that lol.

    • +Mark Smith Well yea because where do you think people are learning the
      truth about natural cures? From hospitals? No they are learning here on
      youtube. Regardless of your reasons, though I think you’re just doing it
      out of ignorance, people will still believe what they want and nothing you
      do will change their minds.

  2. how can anyone take this bastard at his word and not question him? He is
    NOT a qualified doctor!!

    • Qualified doctor? Don’t you get tired of slamming this guy with no proof of
      anything. What do you call a qualified doctor? One like say the one that
      murdered Joan Rivers, or perhaps the one that was the drug supplier for
      Micheal Jackson, or perhaps the one that fed Robin Williams the drugs that
      caused him to kill himself, or maybe the ones that treat everything and
      cure nothing. Now those are some real and qualified doctors for sure. Those
      with the paper on the wall. Yes those are all the killer quack MDs that you
      grovel at the feet of. Yes those are the killer quack MDs that you worship.
      Qualifies doctors qualified to kill and get away with it, qualified to
      dispense drugs at will, qualified to take your money for killing you.

  3. For those who think he is a QUACK. Why dont you go do you’re Research and
    maybe you wont doubt what he is saying.

    • Done the Research and I had cancer a few years ago when I mention B17
      Apricot Kernels and other Alternative Treatment the specialist fell on the
      floor in gales of laughter telling me that if you believed the likes of
      Dr Coldwell book yourself into a funeral home,

    • The pompous elitists killers called MDs are a group of elitist snobs that
      do not even realize they are killers as they are now killing Americans at
      record rates. MDs are now the number three cause of death in the USA

  4. It seems Mr Mark Smith is going to make himself very sick with cancer,
    holding all that hate inside will do you know good.
    If you have an issue with your ex business partner then take it through the
    courts which is the correct way to do your dirty washing ,not like you are
    doing this way in public.
    Unless you tell everyone why you have an issue , people will just see you
    as a Foul mouthed idiot..
    I hope I make sense…..

  5. I eat apple and pear seeds and berries all the time. Cashew nuts too. Apple
    seeds are a super food. It boost the immune system and is full of minerals.

  6. Generally I support the use of cannabis, b17 and other alternative
    treatments for cancer BUT Dr. Coldwell isn’t to be trusted. There’s more on
    him here: … and before you
    tell me I work for “big pharma” I’m probably the last person to be employed
    by them … I’m a hacker and weed smoker.

    • +Antony Sawyer – I posted in this thread my personal experience with B17
      (amygdalin) with my cancerous lung tumor and no tumor could be found after
      a year on it. Amygdalin is a natural substance, and thus it can NOT be
      patented or sold as a drug, so the drug companies could make very little
      profit. Also, it’s telling that I had to go online to another country to
      get the product (novodalindotcom) because the FDA doesn’t allow it to be
      sold inside the US. If too many people find out that it kills cancer cells
      (and leaves the healthy ones alone) they could quit believing in
      chemotherapy, and that would make a huge dent in big pharma’s profits.

    • +Brae hendu Anecdotal and How much has the good doctor paid you to tell me
      that one.

      The FDA are very wise as it will not work, and as to big pharma you mean
      the same people who produce modern drugs, I get my medical treatment for
      free were I live ad quacks like Mercola and the rest of them wont make
      any money.

      The only thing B17 will do is kill people and there are cases of it killing

      A doctor would use the term for such quackery as “Taurus Excreta Ad

  7. all you say DR.Coldwell is right because it is natural logic …most have
    never got to this point and therefore so much Problems …

  8. at 55:47 he said: 100cc IV Vitamin C 3 x per day 21 days and any cancer gone
    100ccm I guess, but how many mg or gramms Vitamin C in it ???

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