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Journey To Freedom


In Loving memory of Anne Hodder… A victim of cancer and disinformation!!


The Health and Wealth Place is a reflection of my own life journey and discoveries since losing my mum to cancer. I hope you find the content both interesting and inspiring. If you are looking for a different life away from the 9 to 5 daily grind you are in the right place…

Right now we live in a world of mass deception in many areas of everyday life. This isn’t anything new, it has been this way for centuries. A slave to money, material and a corrupt system where only a very small percentage of people see through the illusion and break free.

The internet is one invention that has helped tremendously to expose this and many other deceptions to the those who are looking.


There are many topics that raise cause for concern such as mandatory Vaccinations, Chemtrails, GMO foods, False flag terrorist attacks etc. Whatever your opinion may be on these issues that are often portrayed as conspiracies there are two global industries that have proved beyond doubt throughout history to be corrupt to their very core.

They are Central Banking  Fiat Currency and modern Allopathic medicine.

Most of the articles and videos on this website will challenge the belief systems you have been indoctrinated with from birth by your parents, schooling and environment. Many will flatly dismiss such things immediately and choose to stay within their bubble, a slave to the system and living in fear of Cancer, Diabetes, Dementia and the rest of the health illusions referred to as diseases.


Living a life of FREEDOM without fear is possible with the right knowledge in three key areas

  1. Understanding how to beat any illness, be able to restore and maintain health
  2. How you choose to earn your living (the right opportunities)
  3. How you acquire and keep your wealth


The content on this blog is here to demonstrate how a human with any illness can heal on any budget… 

How you can beat 95% of health conditions and understand the illusion of disease meaning you can live life without fear.

How to make money on the internet allowing you to replace your existing J.O.B and give you an untold wealth of time on your hands.

How to accumulate and protect wealth to ensure you maintain your lifestyle.


The experts referenced at The Health and Wealth Place provide hours of truly life changing content which should inspire any individual to want to do further research. Their results over many years are outstanding and rely on simple common sense law of nature.

Their goal is to empower people to take charge of their own health and wealth to live a life of freedom and happiness. Thanks to these people I am now my own doctor!

The greatest lack of intellect is often demonstrated by individuals who think they have all the answers yet refuse to examine new evidence that may oppose their long standing beliefs.

“Sometimes to grow, you have to unlearn what you think you know”

It’s down to every individual to ask questions, perform their own research and draw their personal conclusions. I wish you luck.


The content on this blog is for information only and is not to be taken as neither health or financial advice in anyway, shape or form. The prime objective of The Health and Wealth Place is to provide quality information not easily found in text books and media.