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What I’m Eating Now (Post Water Fast)

For those who are new to this channel, I was previously allergic to just about every fruit and vegetable before doing a 13 day water fast with Dr. Douglas Graham in September of this year. It was very frustrating to be so limited in food choices, but thanks to my fasting experience, I can now eat all the foods that I was sensitive to before and I'm enjoying every minute of it! This is an example of what I'm eating now.

Here are many of the recipes featured in this video:

Mango Salsa

Zucchini Pasta With Marinara Sauce

Banana Peach Smoothie

Orange Mango Smoothie

Cucumber Noodles with Mango Nectarine Sauce (replace nectarines with orange juice)

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21 Comments on What I’m Eating Now (Post Water Fast)

  1. Sugar doesn’t cause candida and cancer. Also, it’s untrue that “sugar is sugar”. Our bodies know the difference between fruit sugar and refined sugar, and it disperses it through the body accordingly. Furthermore, Jobs wasn’t a long-term fruitarian. He occasionally went on fruits-only binges. We don’t know what his full-time diet consisted of, if he was a heavy drinker or a drug user in his younger years or what sort of toxins his line of work exposed him to.

  2. wow what great recipe combinations. great inspiration. i’ve been around 75-80 percent raw for about a month and managed to lose 20.6 lbs. it’s really slowed now but i’ve been eating whatever and realised eating too much fat. easy to do when not eating all raw. starting on the 80/10/10 as much as i can. i may go all the way raw for at least a while. right now i’ve been downing fresh oj like crazy.hoping to increase my like for salads.these recipe ideas are helpful.

  3. I love your food!!!!!!!! looks soooooo yummy! do you have a video on breaking your fast? how long for and how much food per day before you were ok? thanks!

  4. Thank you! I only have a video showing me breaking my fast at the end of my Water Fast Success video. I had a few small pieces of watermelon spread apart on the first and second day, with larger portions on the 3rd day. Then melon for breakfast, grapes & lettuce for lunch, & a glass of OJ, plus cucumber noodles with tomatoes for dinner on the 4th day, and worked my way slowly into more foods after that. What & when you eat, all depends on how long you fast.

  5. I’ve been on a higher protein diet for years and not losing weight and not feeling great. I’ve been fearful of consuming to many fruits due to hypoglycemic reactions. I want to eat more fruits and veggies – how do I transition without the side effects or do I need to suck it up and go through a transition? How do I know I’ll find balance at the end and how long will the side effects last? I do not eat sugar or grains presently. THANK YOU !!

  6. As long as you keep your fat intake below 10% of your daily calories, you should have no problem transitioning. I would imagine you’ll start feeling good right away since your body will finally be getting what it needs. Take it at whatever pace feels comfortable to you & go from there. If you want baby steps, start with fruit for breakfast & snacks. From there move up to fruit for lunch when you’re ready. And always include a big green salad (no oil) for dinner no matter what you’re eating. :0)

  7. Thank you. I went all the way and the detox was horrendous, but it did pass. I found myself very unsatisfied due to to much of a rapid change without any deep thought into my choice. I’ve decided to go more slowly as you suggested and will research more. Thank you for taking the time to answer my post, I appreciate your time and efforts! Kat

  8. Wow, it’s obvious your favorite thing is mango! Lol ok, I’m going to make a mango tomato salad for lunch! Thanks for the idea!

  9. You are really lovely and I can feel your kind energy through my laptop screen. So happy for you. Im gluten free/soy free vegan right now, not raw but hopefully one day:)

  10. Thank you for sharing these recipe videos. I am finally following this way of eating as it is the only one my body seems to accept right now. This is helpful for me to gain enthusiasm for creating recipes that work, are tasty, and healthful. In watching these videos I can appreciate how much effort and time it must take for you to prepare these videos. Thank you again for sharing your journey. I am one of those individuals who is truly benefiting from your videos. I wish you all blessings.

    • +Heidi Rose Thank you so much for this beautiful message!!! I appreciate it so much and I’m so happy these videos are helping you! It makes all the effort I put into them worth it. Wishing you an abundance of blessings and love! 😘 xoxo

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