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What I Ate Today On A Raw Vegan Diet

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28 Comments on What I Ate Today On A Raw Vegan Diet

    • +equenoxe86 Yes, I had major skin issues from eating fried foods and other junk. You can see my skin before and afters here:

      I still breakout from eating nuts and avocados, if I don’t take the digestive enzyme lipase with the fats. Any oil in the diet is not ideal. So much better to get your fats from the whole food by eating nuts, seeds, avocados or fresh coconut.

      My skin does the same thing where it immediately breaks out like that. The healthier you become, the more you’ll see and hear your body communicating with you. :0)

    • +equenoxe86 You’re welcome!

      For me personally, now that I eat so clean, when I do eat something that does not agree with me, I feel it right away either in my stomach or overall mood, or I see it in my skin or eyes in a short period of time. It’s not always blemishes, sometimes my skin just looks more dull or lackluster.

      My blemishes used to take ages to disappear but now, they seem to clear up almost overnight in most cases which I attribute to my lifestyle these days. Getting plenty of sleep is also really helpful because it gives your body lots of time to repair.

  1. Thank you Alicia :-). I’ve been eyeing honey mustard dressing forever but never could bring myself to buy the junk 😜. I’m making this soon 👍🏻

  2. I looove persimons so much, we have only Rojo variety from Spain 😉 One day I will grow them in my garden for sure!!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I eat a healthful whole foods diet with all the foods that God made plus grass fed organic fruits and veggies butter and eggs & sea salt my diet is free of all grains and dairy although I miss them… My question is how do u eat so much sweet fruits, I eat one date or one apple and I go into a Candida frenzy with every symptom, I have to eat fruit after meals or in smoothies with greens -great video thanks!!

    • +A Earhart From what I have learned and from my own experience, it is too much fat consumption that causes the candida to bloom. It’s a brilliant protective mechanism that takes place in the bloodstream. When you consume too much fat, even healthy fats from nuts and avocados, it coats your cells to the point that the glucose that feeds your cells cannot penetrate the cell walls and gets trapped in your bloodstream. The candida blooms to eat up the excess sugar that is stuck in the bloodstream in order to save your life. If you cut back on the fats and eat tons of fruit, you will be able to maintain perfect balance. The issue of too much fat in the bloodstream also causes Diabetes. A great example of how this works is in Dr. Nick Delgado’s short video, “How to become a diabetic in 6 hours,” seen here: This same video could also be called, “How to get candida.” :0)

  4. +rawsynergytv please don’t recommend eating barley grass or any other powder out of the spoon because I tried that and was nearly chocked, couldn’t breath anymore, it could be so dangerous!

  5. I like the way you did this what I eat video – the variety of the diet stands out more (for example if you showed the persimmons in the format of photos throughout the week most people would just think – doesn’t she get tired of eating those?) those persimmons looked lush!

    • +blondejuice3 I’m in Orange County. I buy them at the Irvine farmers market from Arnett Farms. They’re only available for about 2 weeks out of the year though. :0)

  6. I miss those persimmons, I used to eat so many when I lived in SD.
    Yummy meals! Do you usually have 2 meals a day?
    I wish I could eat that little, I would normally crave more fruits at my dinner time as well…

    • +Uma Kali I pretty much always have three meals a day, with the first meal being about 28 oz. of fresh orange juice. :0)

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