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Summer Fruits From The Farmers Market

It's summer and I'm sharing some of the produce I bought at the farmers market. Visit for the Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15 – a great guide to buying the healthiest produce. Also visit to find me on facebook and subscribe to my blog!

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20 Comments on Summer Fruits From The Farmers Market

  1. Missy, you shouldn’t use Seedless Grapes, or any other seedless fruits or veggies, it is not HEALTHY.
    Only Concord Grapes are okay, or if you can obtain those Wine Grapes, which are mostly sold in California it seems. Globe Grapes have seeds but are really not that good.
    Seedless Oranges or Lemons just rot so much sooner.
    I hope you check with your Farmer Market’s producers whether they are not using GMO (genetically modified) produce.
    Anything is possible, people are weird. Seedless Cucumbers?

  2. @campbub Oh, that’s so great! Some of my most cherished memories were spent on my grandparents family farm in MI. I used to run through rows of corn and pick black currants, raspberries and grapes right off the bushes and vines. There’s nothing like picking and eating vine ripened fruit that you’ve grown yourself! So amazing! :0)

  3. @LABfabulous No, they’re BPA Free plastic bottles made by Aladdin. I think they’re called “Clean & Clever Water Bottles.” They work well for me when I need several large bottles to take on the go.

    Thank you so much for your kind words. Makes me happy. :0)

  4. @whothehellgivesadamn Aw, you’re so sweet…thank you for that. I don’t know what type of workout I’d do but I have thought of doing a silly dance video with my music, just never got around to making it happen. :0)


    GOD BLESS you.

  6. Thank you, I never realized there were different bananas.
    I came across them today at whole foods and you are right they are awesome.

  7. @whothehellgivesadamn Oh my, thank you for all of that kindness. “blushing” …With so much energy I’m certainly never bored! Right now, in addition to keeping up with this channel & my website, I’m working on a book that will help to answer everyone’s questions here, plus I’m always working on music. My husband and I love to go hiking and to the beach. And, of course, I spend a little time buying all this amazing produce! :0)

  8. @whothehellgivesadamn Oh yeah, I love it! It would be nice if the proceeds could bring clean water to third world countries, as well as feed the poor. You always have the kindest things to say and it makes me smile. You’re very creative! Thank you for sharing. :0)

  9. I love your videos, and I never get tired of hearing about the 811 lifestyle! Thanks for being such a great contributor 🙂

  10. @0409dinosaur He eats a high raw, vegan diet. He eats a lot of potatoes and steamed veggies along with his raw food. Thank you for your kind words and I will definitely try to make some more recipe videos. :0)

  11. @Ineedmorelives I believe I got it at Marshall’s last year. It was a lucky find for me. I hope you can find one like it. It’s very helpful when you need extra space. Home Goods sometimes has similar items.

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