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Raw Food on a Budget: 10 Tips For Getting A Lot For Less

My top 10 tips for saving money and getting a lot of food for less, on a raw food diet.

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19 Comments on Raw Food on a Budget: 10 Tips For Getting A Lot For Less

  1. Good idea to give your phone number. It probably works with small fruit shops but I’m less sure for supermarkets. I’ll definitely try this afternoon.
    I also buy directly from wholesalers with a 33% to 60% discount from retail price.

  2. Growing my own food is one of my biggest goals for 2016 (when I move out west). So excited to be able to feed myself!

    • Have you seen the desktop aquaponics? I would love to get that and grow my own salads on my kitchen bench 🙂

  3. #2 has been the most useful for me. The only place that offers case discounts here is Whole Foods and they’re so overpriced that it doesn’t help lol

    • +Fit on Raw I know, they are really expensive. Most major grocery chains will offer case discounts if you ask, but sometimes even the employees don’t know this, so it helps to ask management. Even the small local health food stores near me offer them.

  4. Hi Alicia, I just want to say THANK YOU for your videos! I can relate to you a lot, because i had bad acne when i was younger too, i got antibiotics for it too and Im sure that is why I suffer the health problems i do now – like digestive problems, multi food allergies, parasites and overall sensitivity – even though i have been primarily vegan for 4-5 years and have cured other health problems 🙂 You have given me some renewed hope and faith in my future health and Im going to be using the zapper soon and hopefully it will do some magic! <3 

    • +Mette Vegan 

      You’re very welcome! I’ve been learning a lot lately about low stomach acid and I’m finding this can cause lots of digestive problems, food allergies and can also make you an easy host for parasites. Definitely something to look into more. I will keep you posted on my findings in future videos. Would love to hear how the zapper works out for you. So happy you find the videos helpful. Sending big hugs your way!!! xo

      Reply · 

    • +rawsynergytv Yes I saw your video on it and have started taken ACV too – have suspected the issue before, but didnt know it was so easy and natural to treat 😀 The zapper is working really well, i can feel so much more energy – cant remember when i last felt this much energy actually – and the cracks in my tongue is getting smaller and smaller, which definitely shows that something in my digestion is healing! Excited to learn more about your findings, always very interesting!

    • +Mette Vegan So happy to hear this! Thank you for sharing. Really glad things are clearing up for you. Big hugs! ❤

  5. This was really helpful!! I never knew you could just ask for a discount wherever you go!! And yes foraging.. I’ve seen more and more fruit trees around lately, I just need to be adventurous and ask, haha!!! ❤

  6. great advice. when i moved to south florida, i thought the fruit would be cheap since it grows everywhere down here, but it is more expensive than what i paid for fruit when i lived up north. I have had to get creative to find less expensive fruits and veg. 

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