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Raw Food: Money spent on fruit worth it? Fruit Diet

Back To Eden documentary – Watch it here:
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20 Comments on Raw Food: Money spent on fruit worth it? Fruit Diet

  1. She said her skin care regimen is just a water and a cotton pad now(compared to the half an hour she used to spend with a bunch of products every day before her diet change)

  2. 11:55 – 13:12 I would have thought this was crazy talk 18 months ago, but I’ve experienced all of this, it is very true!!

  3. i agree, really good movie+ always nice to hear you speak 😉 thanks for all the encouragment. love and blessings to you and your family 🙂

  4. Thank’s Alicia for sharing. I owe you lovely spirit.
    I’m sooo grateful for the internet, so I’m not that lonely here in Spain
    (just moved recently from Holland to Spain, still adapting). Great fruit here, but the culture
    here is very meaty. When you tell about a raw vegan diet they look at you if you are from another Galaxy ;-))
    Again, love your video’s and your spirit,
    Jacqueline from Spain

  5. Brilliant! Well-said! Inspirational! I have been spending more and more on organic produce and raw foods, and I was beginning to wonder whether I was losing perspective on what was reasonable. Things that only recently seemed outrageously expensive I hardly blink at anymore. This video really reassured me that I was going in the right direction and should keep doing what I’m doing.

  6. You’re welcome! I have lots of book recommendations on my website if you’re interested. I don’t use any creams or lotion on my face but I do use hand cream/lotion on my hands and feet. :0)

  7. I have several videos here on YT that are dedicated to what I eat with pictures. Most of them are titled “What I’m Eating” or “What I Eat on 80/10/10.”

  8. It does change a bit because there’s less variety available in the winter months. Especially if you’re buying mostly local produce. So, it’s lots of bananas and dates in the winter as well as oranges for those who can eat them.

  9. You’re welcome…thank YOU! I definitely think a raw food diet can be very beneficial. The less stress you put on your body, especially your liver, the better. A diet high in fruit & very low in fat is very cleansing and allows the body to heal much more easily. You may benefit from a consultation with Dr. Douglas Graham or Dr. Robert Morse ND. In fact, watching Dr. Morse’s videos here on yt can be a real eye opener. Wishing you fast healing & vibrant health. XO

  10. you have great vids! would love to see more videos outside in natural light.. Your beautiful inside and out! :)) so dark and gloomy in the background of the vids.. thxs for your vids!

  11. I think most of his consults are done through email. Just in case that’s an option for you. :0)

  12. Thank you so much for your kind words and sharing your story, Ann! I love it! I’m not religious either but it was easy to fall in love with the concepts about farming/gardening shared in the film. Best of luck to you with your gardening education. That’s exciting! :0)

  13. I don’t but I believe if you go to his website, they have an email address listed there. If not, they list the phone number and you can always call and ask for the email.

  14. you look absolutely beautiful with your natural hair color, much better than when it was bleached in my opinion, nature knows what it’s doing:)

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