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Persimmons: Amazing Fruit You Need To Try!!!

Persimmons are a great Autumn/Early Winter fruit. Here's a little info on this delicious snack.
Hachiya persimmon are loaded with vitamin A, manganese and copper.
Fuyu are loaded with vitamin C and iron.
Both have plenty of calories to fuel you with lots of energy on a low fat raw vegan diet.

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20 Comments on Persimmons: Amazing Fruit You Need To Try!!!

  1. i loved these, they taste like a mix og peach and dates:) but they cost like 2,6dollars a pop here in iceland:/ so i cant get them alot

  2. @DarlingKaya Yes, they’re so good. Sorry to hear they’re so expensive where you live. You’ll just have to treat yourself to them once in a while when they’re in season. :0)

  3. @rawsynergytv There expensive here in scotland too 🙁 weather most probally to cold to grow them here lol

    arrrgh threw away the packet they came in ! dont know what kind my ones are, its orange in colour but not pumkin shaped

    going to try and make a salad dressing with some of them 🙂 thanks for the idea!

  4. Yumm.. I have just discovered this wonderful fruit. I was wondering if I can eat the skin, and found these delicious tips. Thanks!

  5. @syrentakj I heard that too but I’ve never experienced that problem with them and I usually eat several pounds of them a day when they’re in season. Sometimes that’s all I will eat in a day with no problem. :0)

  6. I like this video and every thing but I’m sorry I could not resist saying “that’s what she said” all the way through. I was just too irresistible…lol

  7. I know I was supposed to learn something about persimmons, but for some gorgeous reason I found it impossible to concentrate.

  8. i ate some unripe hachya last year, i thought i had ingested some poison or something. it was awful. thank you for sharing the info, and helping my re-connect with these awesome fruits!

  9. persimmons are so great! they are natures sweets, we don’t need artificial sweets and refined sugars that will deteriorate our bodies. Btw you said we can eat the skin but if it’s not organic isn’t it best to not eat the skin? Great vid

  10. I don’t think persimmon trees are typically sprayed but washing the fruit really well with a fruit wash would likely wash off most of the residue. The skins are somewhat thicker and shiny, not as likely to absorb sprays. However, it’s always best to eat organic when possible. Thank you, really glad you like the video. :0)

  11. I had a persimmon for the first time in my life last year. I had the fuyu one. Home I spelled that right lol. It was very sweet!!!! Almost too intense for me. But I was so happy that I got to try something new :). I will definitely eat more of them this fall and winter.

  12. Hey rawsenergytv! I bought some persimmons which looked just like yours from the outside and they were really really ripe but inside the flesh it had black spots all over so i am kind of afraid now to eat them.. Please let me know if that is a bad persimmon or just overriped?.

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