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One of My Favorite Fruits: It’s Called Mangosteen

All about my favorite fruit called mangosteen. What it tastes like, how to open and how to eat it.

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13 Comments on One of My Favorite Fruits: It’s Called Mangosteen

  1. This is a video I filmed back in May of this year when I was testing out the video capabilities of my DSLR camera. Decided to post this one from the cutting room floor. :0)

  2. thanks one of my favorite fruits, too. I think you captured the mangosteen perfectly in this vid. I found found the for 5 bucks over here. I almost think it has a low acidic vanilla clementine taste to it. I butchered a few with a knife, too.

  3. we have a mangosteen tree at our backyard! alongside with rambutan and durian. My late grandmother often made jams from mangosteen when there were too much of them. yums!

  4. did u know that the flower below the fruit shows u how many segments will u get in the fruit..try next time

  5. i think u might like it in my hometown..we have a huge tree
    unfortunately no one is able to consume all of the fruit when it comes into season that it litters the ground

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