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My Recent Detox Experience

Detox symptoms can occur at any time. You may have reactions that you weren't expecting. You may re-experience old injuries, headaches, cold and flu like symptoms, body odor, night sweats, sores in your mouth, skin eruptions of all kinds from pimples to rashes to dry patches.

Be thankful this stuff is coming out and not remaining inside your body and understand you're going to feel so much better when it passes.

20 Comments on My Recent Detox Experience

  1. Some irresponsible raw food gurus advice to wait until you have symptoms of deficiency before doing anything. I think this can be a dangerous advice. You are even worse than them. You go further by advising not to be alarmed even after having symptoms. Let me tell you something. Panicking could be your last chance to save your life.

  2. @MoreJOYandBliss I experince that right now, i been sick for almost 2 weeks straight with some up and downs, most definitely the worst sick ive ever been in my entire life.
    switched to 80/10/10 (fruit + vegetables + rice for me) and now this, almost made me go back to meat and lots of fat that i used to live on before, but i try to stay strong and se if this will end soon.
    Wish you luck in getting better!

  3. This is so helpful..this is been happening to me lately…besides lupus i hav instichualcyctis..sorry bout the spelling on that ..its called ic…anyway im in a bit of a flare & i cant figure out why…i havnt had this happen since before i changed my diet..i thought maybe i ate to many bannanas ..but found they are akaline sooim just not sure sticking with my plan & i called my doctor & my blood is come back in normal range soo..that helps me not worry so much ..maybe its some kind detox~

  4. @vicky2c Wow, that’s so scary! It all worked out for you anyway…look how great you’re doing now…you’re on fire!!! I love it. I will surely tell Stef hello. :0)

  5. @MoreJOYandBliss Yes, I experienced this in the very beginning of my journey. I was sick with a very, very bad cold & flu for 3 long weeks. I thought I was never going to recover but then I did. Hang in there and just be glad all that stuff is being released and not staying inside you. :0)

  6. @lnsertCleverName You’ll likely notice many improvements right away, within the first few days & continue to notice improvements every step of the way. That’s part of your body renewing itself & getting back to balance. It takes 7 years for your body to completely regenerate entirely. I believe the bones take the longest to regenerate. So, you’ll notice benefits right away & continue to do so & then you may have some cleansing reactions temporarily as your body continues to improve. :0)

  7. @fancyladydiane1 It’s great that you’re sticking with the diet but also cautious enough to keep your doctor involved & get the blood work for peace of mind. It’s very common for symptoms to get worse before they get better. Dr. Morse had a patient that broke out with crazy tumors all over her legs during detox & then they cleared up after 2 weeks. That’s why it’s important to be diligent yet cautious. Hang in there, sweet Diane! Sending good thoughts & wishes your way for vibrant health. XO

  8. Great vid! Thank u so much. That really helps me! Had a phase of really bad headaches for about 4days and thought that I would do something wrong. Well I admit I could eat more bananas but im on a good way! And now hearing from you that this detox-symtoms are normal makes me worry less :))))

  9. I remember having that problem in the beginning too. The thing that helped me was eating mostly water rich, juicy fruits for 3 to 5 days straight and drinking more water. Fruits like melons, grapes, apples, pears, mangoes, papaya etc. really help to get things moving. So important to make sure all your fruit is very ripe also.

  10. You said you didnt wanna take anything cuz u didnt want to supress the detox, does that mean pills like tylenol supress detox?? and where did u learn that

  11. Your body is like a self cleaning oven, if you remove the bulk of the junk inside it & turn it on to self clean, it’ll do it’s job. If you open it up half way through & spray all kinds of heavy duty spray cleaners in there thinking it will help the process, you’re only making a more of a mess putting in more stuff that now needs to be cleaned out. Putting Tylenol into your system while your body is trying to clear those kinds of things out, defeats the purpose but also numbs/halts the process.

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