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My Fruit Stash & What I ate today on a Raw Fruity Vegan Diet

This video shows my fruit stash over the course of several weeks and how it evolves and changes for a raw vegan who eats a lot of fruit. Plus, I am also showing you what I ate for the day.

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16 Comments on My Fruit Stash & What I ate today on a Raw Fruity Vegan Diet

  1. I hope you find it helpful to see how my fruit shelf evolves over time. A lot of stuff gets consumed in a week but some stuff gets pushed into the following week. Rarely does fruit go to waste!

  2. LOVE Dr. Morse! I am blessed to have a dry sauna at my work and I sit in it 6x a week sweating and it helps my kidneys filter like crazy along with throwing a beet in my juice! I am high fruit/high raw with a cooked vegan meal in the pm. Nature’s Way has a kidney/bladder formula that is very inexpensive, I take it daily!

    • That’s good to know, Kelly! Thank you for sharing. I need to get back in the sauna again. I’ve gotten away from it in the last couple of months because I’ve been so busy and because it’s been hot here so I haven’t been drawn to get in to warm up. I am currently taking the Fab Four and Heal All Tea but incorporating them slowly so I don’t feel overwhelmed with detox reactions. I am seeing some progress and really looking forward to more as time goes by. It’s good to hear that other herbal formulas are helpful too. 💕

  3. Love!! so much life in there, I adore your stock. How much do you spend on a weekly basis (if you are willing to share!)😘

    • Aw, thank you! I haven’t looked at my weekly spending in a very long time but I would say approximately $75 to $100 a week for all my food depending on the season. I probably spend more during the summer months when there’s so much fruit in abundance and less during winter when it’s mostly citrus, apples, bananas, pears and dates. 😘❤️

    • Where are you getting your information? I’ve been eating nothing but fruits and vegetables for 9 years and I couldn’t be happier with my diet and how well my body functions on primarily fresh, raw fruit. I know many others who eat the same way and a lot of them have been doing it much longer than I have. It’s actually very possible and extremely beneficial.

    • I don’t know how you or anyone else does it. You must have superpowers. There is no way I could ever eliminate legumes, potatoes, and whole grains from my diet for the rest of my life, even for 1 billion dollars every year. But if you and others feel satisfied eating only fruit and raw vegetables, more power to you 🙂

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