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My Blood Test Results on a Low Fat Raw Vegan Diet

It's so important to have you blood tested regularly to make sure your body is getting everything it needs, like protein, vitamin D and vitamin B12, as well as many other important nutrients. Today, I'm sharing my blood work with all of you.

20 Comments on My Blood Test Results on a Low Fat Raw Vegan Diet

  1. @1imesub It totally varies depending on where you go and what tests you get so I couldn’t even say approximately. It could be anywhere between $100 to $600.

  2. The HDL is too low .. fish oil would be a good supplement for you. Your triglycerides are higher than I would be happy with .. that is due to a high carb diet. Higher triglycerides contributes to inflammation – a factor that leads to diseases. Being low in D is disastrous to your health, definitely needs attention. B12 can take a few years to run down, so you should also get that checked regularly. Your albumin was a bit low too … your body needs more protein & less sugar.

  3. Are you an ethical vegan or are you doing this for your health? If you are interested in optimizing health, there is a channel called Life Extension and they give great tips. Vegans need to be extra careful with their health as essential nutrients can be quite a trick to get if you don’t supplement.

  4. @midas41 Perhaps based on a Standard American Diet but my doctors who know about my diet all felt my numbers were right where they needed to be since the numbers are different for vegans. I’ve bumped up the amount of sun exposure in order to raise my levels of D.

  5. @midas41 I’m doing this for health because this is the only food my body can digest. I struggled with health issues my entire life, trying every remedy under the sun and it wasn’t until I switched to this diet that my health completely improved. So I can’t really see myself eating any other way. Thank you very much for sharing. I appreciate it and will have to check out that channel. :0)

  6. you are lovely!!! Good job with your diet, I am feeling inspired when I see the gow on your face and gaceful gestures, it looks like it is really working 🙂 what kind of exercise do you do? All I know is a bit of yoga…

  7. It depends on the quality of your produce and how well you absorb the nutrients from the foods you eat. If you cannot get quality produce or you don’t absorb well, taking a food based multi vitamin or a nutrient dense barley greens powder might be necessary for best health. If the above isn’t a problem, then you might just be wasting money on a multi. It all depends on your body.

  8. you are right, I question B12 and other defficiency in vegan diet, but it is we are ment to live in better enviroment and in the sun…there come a thyroid problem as well…

  9. dont forget the levels are done by system on meat, it doesnt mean that your vegan diet decrease cholesteron and it is better in your body. I might actually be not, only lower leves due to diet….but what I see as a possitive, you skip out of system of medication, that never did much good for most of patience in the long run. body is perfect balance even in so called “imbalance”

  10. Actually, if you knew diddly squat about lipid profiles, you’d know that hers is outstanding. I’d like to see the HDL a bit higher, but everything else is perfect.

    If you are still following this thread (I realize it’s been 7 months), please feel free to reply with any more asinine bullsh*t you may have; I could use a good laugh. I worked in statin (cholesterol-lowering drugs) clinical trials for 5 years, and helped bring Crestor to market. I know my lipid profiles, toots.

  11. Hi, I can’t find B12 in your blood test results on paper. Was it in the video and I missed it?

  12. I don’t remember if it was in this one but I know it’s in my most current blood work video back in May 2012. It’s listed as MMA.

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