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20 Comments on Kitchen Tools & Gadgets on a LFRV Diet

  1. @falafelstand No, unfortunately the hand blender blades can’t handle the hard frozen stuff very well. The high powered blender really works wonders for “ice Cream.” I know what you mean though. Scooping stuff out of the blender can be a pain sometimes. :0)

  2. @healthyfitguy76 No ill effects, it just makes the bananas oxidize faster. They turn brown and start losing their fresh taste much more quickly.

  3. Did you order your over the stove cutting board custom made online or from someone you know?? I really could use one for my tiny apartment but looked all over online and can’t find any custom or large size boards like that.

  4. @MegUrias Yes, I had it was custom made specifically for my stovetop by a master craftsmen. I paid about $200. based on its size (31.5″ by 21″) plus shipping but it’s very worth it because I never use my stove and need the extra space.

    He works only by referral so if you’re interested in having one made for yourself, let me know and I’ll be happy to forward you his information. :0)

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