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How Your Thoughts & Feelings Directly Affect Your Health & Wellbeing

Japanese Scientist Masaru Emoto discovered that water molecules are directly affected by our thoughts, words and feelings. Since our bodies are made of mostly water, imagine how powerful our thoughts, words and feelings are on our health. I want to share my experiences with this concept.

To see images of Masaru Emoto's work, watch:

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13 Comments on How Your Thoughts & Feelings Directly Affect Your Health & Wellbeing

    • My experience fasting with Doug Graham was a positive one. I’m grateful for the knowledge I gained and the major healing I accomplished fasting under his care. I encourage people to do extensive research on fasting and choose a fasting facility, retreat center or fasting expert they trust and feel confident in. 

  1. Alicia ❤️ best YouTube I have heard on this topic. It is a big one too, many come from that thinking and are trying to break out if it. This video offers hope and evidence that thoughts result in an outcome and not the other way around.

  2. Alicia, you are truly beautiful – inside and out. Your words are powerfully true. Just listening to this video I could feel a positive shift in my energy. It is all about embracing the positive mindset and living in a high vibration. I’ll think of this video if I start to feel otherwise. 

    • Thank you so much! Really happy you felt the shift. That’s what it’s all about, and it’s so easy. The more you do it, the more you will observe positive changes in your life. ❤️

  3. A very important and powerful message!  I had heard of Masaru Emoto’s work but never associated it with the fact that we are mostly made of water.  I too suffered from life-long constipation and bloating so I totally identify with that.  (constipation gone; working on the bloating with raw food diet).  I know what you mean about tapes running in your head.  Several years ago I was concerned about money and then became comfortable money-wise.  To this day I still think I have no money, and have the same knots in my stomach when I pay my bills and review my bank account, even though that is not the case.  Intellectually I know I have enough money, but my emotions are very, very difficult to change! 

    • Thank you for sharing your story! Money is a big one. That is something I also learned to shift and it’s always amazing to me, how quickly it comes rolling in when I shift my thoughts and words. :0)

  4. You’re so amazing, thank you so much for sharing this!! I can’t tell you how much I needed this message right now. <3

  5. Good, honest video.  Another “angle” you may want to incorporate into your thinking in preventing constipation, is be aware of old ideas and thought patterns that are no longer good for you.  Refusing to release those and being “STUCK” in the past, is often the cause of constipation.  

    Also, not that I rely on science to prove anything to me, but it is interesting that scientists are just now learning that positive thinking directly causes our body to release very, healthy, beneficial chemicals stimulating our immune system as one example.  Negative thinking, doing the opposite.  Just the mere thinking of the word “hospital”, for example, will begin to suppress the immune system.

  6. +rawsynergytv great video. I loved your real life examples and its so true everything you said! I’ve experienced it many many times. Thanks for the reminder, I needed it today. You’re beautiful inside and out. Take care x

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m really happy you liked the video and found it helpful. Many blessings! Xo

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