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How to End The Raw Food Struggle

In this video, I share a few ideas on how to end your struggle with a raw food diet.

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32 Comments on How to End The Raw Food Struggle

  1. Raw food should be fun, enjoyable and satisfying. If it’s not, change your
    approach. Make a raw food diet work for you. :0)

  2. Alicia, do you think fasting is the only way to get rid of food
    sensitivities or would it also work to just be 100% raw for a while? I’ve
    been on a lowfat 80-10-10 diet for 6 months now. I’m afraid to try the
    foods I used to not be able to tolerate. I have had many autoimmune health
    issues, so I don’t feel comfortable fasting, especially without support.

    • I do believe it’s possible but it may take some alternative methods like a
      fruit island of bananas only for a few weeks, or watermelon only. Or, an
      extended juice cleanse. Adding cultured foods to your diet, like coconut
      yogurt and fermented vegetables, on a daily basis can be very helpful.
      Also, the regular consumption of calcium bentonite clay is also great for
      helping to heal the lining of the gut. I really like this brand:
      Avoid all animal products, including dairy, gluten and processed sugar for
      healing. I also recommend taking digestive enzymes.
      Taking L-glutamine powder is also known for healing a leaky gut.
      Find effective ways to deal with stress such as yoga, meditation or regular
      time in nature.
      Essential oils can also be very helpful. Peppermint and ginger are great
      for healing internally and can also be used externally on your abdomen.
      I feel for you because I’ve been there. Sending lots of healing wishes your
      way for a vibrantly healthy body! xo

  3. I have the healing Aztec bentonite clay is that ok? . How much do I put in
    water and how many times should I drink it through out the day?

    I’m on day 3 eating raw, eating mostly watermelon :)

    • Congratulations on 3 days raw! That’s fantastic! The Aztec clay is made for
      topical use only and is NOT suitable for internal use. The Living Clay
      brand is super pure and is made for internal use as well as external use.
      If you decide to get it, you would take 1 rounded teaspoon of clay mixed
      with 2 ounces of water twice a day. It has a lot of benefits and helps to
      cleanse and detoxify the body. :0)

    • That’s a good question. The reasons are probably different for each person.
      I’ll look into it and see if I can get enough information to make a video
      on this.

  4. Hi Alicia, thank you for your continual encouragement. It is needed. FYI,
    my biggest challenge is processed sugar and chocolate. My craving for these
    has actually gotten worse as I’ve given up other things. I also really miss
    the dry, crispy texture of cookies/crackers which even dehydrated ‘raw’
    crackers don’t satisfy. Socializing in restaurants is a big issue also. I
    either swear I’m not going to be tempted by something and cave in, or order
    something I think is OK only to find there is an ‘unexpected’ ingredient I
    didn’t think to inquire about. I really don’t enjoy most restaurant salads,
    finding the quality of the produce poor and it’s mostly not organic. I
    realize I am going to have to stop going to restaurants for the most part
    and that this is going to affect my friendships. Anyway, this will give you
    an idea of what one of your viewers is going through on the raw food path!
    🙂 — Kathy in PA

    • This is great feedback, Kathy! Thank you for sharing. What is your diet
      like when you give things up and start craving processed sugar and

      Yeah, there are some textures like the ones you mentioned that aren’t as
      easy to recreate on raw. That’s where cooked vegan items do come in handy,
      especially when you’re trying to transition away from the unhealthy “SAD”

      I know it’s not easy for some people to take their own food to restaurants
      and/or it’s a bit of extra work to communicate with the restaurant/chef
      ahead of time to prepare something special but socializing at restaurants
      can be done that way. Sometimes I don’t even ask and no one even notices
      that I brought my own food. There has only been one instance where I
      brought my own food to a restaurant and I was told I was not allowed to eat
      it there because they catered to a clientele with food allergies and I
      might contaminate them with my meal. Go figure!

      I will also give the server a nice tip beforehand letting them know my
      situation and 99% of the time, they cater to me and give me whatever I need
      or want, such as an empty plate to arrange my food.

      I have found by not making a big deal out of it with the friends I’m
      meeting, that they aren’t bothered by it and they actually have a big
      curiosity in finding out more and take an interest in what I’m eating
      instead of being offended by it.

      I can’t tell you how many times I have inspired people to make positive
      change this way.

      I know there are exceptions though, and some people may find it rude but I
      find that response offensive because they wouldn’t think it’s rude if
      someone had special dietary restrictions or concerns due to an allergy,
      health condition or disease. I personally think of myself as having a
      health condition called CES (Can’t Eat Sh*%) and that’s why I bring my own
      food or talk to the chef and ask him/her to prepare something special for
      me. If they won’t accommodate me, then I eat an incredible meal before I go
      and enjoy the social gathering without eating. The health of my body and
      how good I feel because of these steps is absolutely worth it.

      I really feel you on this. It would just be so nice if every restaurant
      offered something organic, raw and delicious for those of us who care about
      our bodies. 😀

    • Thanks, Alicia! Currently I’m primarily eating a raw food diet of fruits
      and vegetables, nuts and seeds — a fruit smoothie in the am, a large salad
      at night — except I’m eating a whole bunch of gourmet chocolate chip
      cookies after dinner! Not good! I think this is because I’ve given up meat,
      milk, cheese and bread and I’m still struggling with the sugar, so I give
      into my craving by buying the cookies. I got used to eating larger
      quantities of food when I started eating fruits and vegetables, so I guess
      that logic now applies to the cookies. I also think I haven’t quite
      adjusted to the fact that raw veggies are my whole dinner, so I’m looking
      for something to ‘fill the hole’, and the sugar is still there. Something
      like that! A determined ego trying its darnedest to go back to the way
      things used to be in the food dept.

      The same logic applies to restaurant dining. I don’t think I’m 100% ready
      to admit that I can’t dine out like I used to (i.e., I think I secretly
      still want to look at the menu and be tempted, or my ego does!). I’m not
      sure how bringing my own food would work in this area of the country. The
      one time I called ahead I met with limited success. Some restaurants are
      totally perplexed by the vegan concept!

      Thank you for your help and I hope my experience can give you some context
      in your efforts to help others!

    • Very interesting, Kathy. I noticed I would experience cravings for sweets
      and even cooked food items any time I didn’t eat enough fruit during my
      meals. I quickly learned if I loaded up on plenty of sweet fruits at every
      meal, the cravings vanished. That may be the case for you and may be
      something to try, when you’re ready. Sometimes it can take a while to be
      ready to make the full switch, and that’s okay.

      I know what you mean about wanting to order off the menu. That’s so normal
      and natural to have those feelings. That’s why we need more people to go
      vegan so all restaurants provide delicious, healthy options on their menus
      based on the demand. 😀

    • Thanks, Alicia! You are a good role model, and I am going to try what you
      suggested to make sure I eat enough fruit. I recently ran into one of your
      older videos from 2011 I think, where you listed all the benefits of going
      raw. I’d heard it before but forgotten, and it was very powerful to hear it
      again. I will keep you posted on my progress 🙂

    • You’re welcome, Kathy! It’s my pleasure. :0) Really happy to hear you were
      inspired by one of my older videos. I definitely look forward to hearing
      about your progress! xo

  5. My real issue is the prep and this is something I really don’t see many
    videos or tips on. I’ve asked other channels for tips and no one replies to
    me. 🙂 I wouldn’t have a problem going raw if I could find the proper way
    to wash and store my veggies. Also the easy way. In my mind I should wash
    all the produce and either put it (for instance lettuce) in the salad
    spinner to dry it and put it in a debbie myer green box…then wash
    everything else (fruit, carrots, etc.) dry with a paper towel and put it in
    the fridge or counter. I would like to do this on Sunday and be good for
    the week. It is really the issue of not being prepared that throws me off.
    Can you do a video like that? How you would prep for a week, if you had a
    full time 8 to 5 style office job… the proper way to store fruit and
    veggie whether its in the fridge or on the counter top….also should you
    wash as you eat or wash and dry it all in one day. I’ve heard you should
    not wash it all at once cause it goes bad faster? I just truly hate wet
    lettuce in my salad, and I want to be able to grab handfuls of whatever and
    throw it in quickly…I’m going raw because of lack of energy… so to have
    to do a bunch of prep every day seems to throw me off…I don’t like pre
    cut pre washed veggies cause they seem dead and depleted already…too
    processed…… I’m confused, too much conflicting info. What do you think?
    Thanks soooo much pretty lady :)

    • I do have a video on prepping lettuce that I did ages ago here: These days, I mostly buy the pre-washed
      lettuces from the store out of convenience because washing lettuce takes up
      a lot of time. I don’t do a whole lot of prepping in advance because, as
      you mentioned, washing most items before storing makes them go bad very
      quickly. I’m happy to do a video for you on how I prep and what I do with
      my produce. :0)

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