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How I Pack & Shop For Food When I Travel: Raw Vegan Food Haul

Showing you how I packed my bags, what I brought with me, and the food I bought, on a recent trip to San Francisco to attend the School For Self Healing.

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16 Comments on How I Pack & Shop For Food When I Travel: Raw Vegan Food Haul

    • +TheGrahamFamily I spent $197.70 which is kind of a lot. If I lived there, I would definitely be finding other avenues for affordable produce. I would be doing most of my shopping at farmers markets and possibly even wholesale locations.

    • +mecsonka221 For this trip, I was staying in someone’s home and had full access to everything in their kitchen. If I’m going to be without knives on a short trip, I would definitely shop differently, and buy pre-cut lettuce and easy to peel fruits. If I’m going on a long trip, then I’ll either pack a knife and check my luggage or buy an inexpensive knife at my destination.

  1. The School for Self-Healing sounds very interesting; I have never heard of it!  I’m sure you will be telling us more about it.  I’m wondering, did you eat most of what you bought in the six days, or did you have some left over and were you able to bring it home?

    • +KLC8158 The school is awesome, and yes, I will definitely be sharing more about it in future videos. I ate almost everything I purchased, with the exception of some arugula and a zucchini, plus a handful of tangerines which I gave to a homeless man on the street who was grateful for the extra vitamin C because he was feeling under the weather. :0)

  2. I went to Miami a few weeks ago and forgot to pack food for the flight coming back. My flight was delayed so I was stuck there for about 8 hours. Ended up paying $12 for a chicken sandwich and, since I don’t eat chicken, I ate what essentially was a $12 piece of bread! Grrr… Thanks for these tips!

  3. I live in SF, you couldn’t have picked a better city to eat vegan <3 We have A LOT here. Tons of fresh farmer's markets too.Good job, girl! Keep it up! I'm not Raw fully, but I am incorporating a ton more raw meals into my vegan diet. This is inspirational 🙂

    • +Stefani Addison That’s so great to hear! I hope to go back again sometime and try some restaurants. I didn’t have the opportunity during my last two trips. Thank you for your kind words and keep up the healthy eating! :0)

  4. Love this video, it gives good value and awesome information! Let´s connect as we love to connect with likeminded people!
    Tobias and Melanie
    MT World -The World Traveling Couple

    • +MT World Sounds great…Thank you, Tobias and Melanie! I love connecting with like minded people as well. :0)

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