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Healing Asthma In Less Than Two Months!! with Nicolas Dudet

Nicolas Dudet shares his story of how he healed a lifetime of asthma in less than two months. He also shares more about his personal journey to health and how getting back to nature opened him up spiritually.

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21 Comments on Healing Asthma In Less Than Two Months!! with Nicolas Dudet

  1. Asthma is fundamentally an inflammatory condition. An ‘anti inflammatory’ natural blend of turmeric, cinnamon, honey, fresh garlic, fresh onion, cloves, lemon juice, olive oil, water, cranberries and ginger I have found totally amazing. Tastes great and the garlic and onion barely come through. I take a couple of tablespoons in warm water and it really opens my airways and really lasts too. I add vitamin D and E to mine as well. I have used inhalers all my life but this blend has really helped me and maybe its enough for me and little or no inhaler use required. I am not advising anyone, just telling you my own experience. Now when I breath in I can feel my whole lungs filling with air!

    • Yes, I’ve noticed it gets worse when I eat inflammatory foods. I would love to try this mixture. So, am I to take just 2TBSP as needed throughout the day?

  2. Asthmatics are allergic to gluten. if you stop eating GLUTEN your asthma will improve very quickly . Takes only 1 week to start feeling good. . Gluten free diet cured my asthma 4 years ago. Eat no more bread or foods with gluten in it.

  3. I really hope there is an English subtitle for this video since I’m not a native speaker of English.. I hardly catch what he’s saying since he talks a lil bit too fast 🙁

    • I’m so sorry about that. He is basically saying that he healed his life long asthma condition by eating a low fat, fruit based diet. He started studying about the laws of nature and the acid/alkaline effect of foods and it made so much sense to him that he was inspired to start eating a raw food diet. After following a raw food diet for about a month, he was running and noticed he wasn’t wheezing or trying to catch his breath. This was the beginning of his health journey and now he is sharing his health knowledge with other people with his venture Mastering Freedom. :0)

    • Hi Andy,
      The biggest tip would be to eat a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables and remove all the junk and processed foods. You can learn more from Nicolas at and of course, I have a ton of videos here on youtube all about eating a raw food diet and achieving incredible health and well being.

    • Your saying it doesn’t work does not change the fact that it actually does work. It worked for Nick and it has worked for countless others. Have you tried it and if so, for how long?

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