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Delicious Tuscan Sunshine Smoothie Recipe

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20 Comments on Delicious Tuscan Sunshine Smoothie Recipe

  1. Bought a melon the other day and it is sitting on my counter top. It looks like the one that is behind you!!!! I am going to try this drink out!!!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I wouldn’t have thought to mix those two – can’t wait to try it.

    Debbie *Ü*

  3. Check out amazon! They have great prices of pretty much anything if you search enough, just look up reviews of whatever you’re thinking of buying

  4. I made this smoothie this morning and drank it in a few gulpes cause it was so smooth. These two ingredients really did go well together. I bought 2 melons & I plan on having it for breakfast tomorrow.

  5. Not sure if we have Tuscan melons here in PA…I have never seen one! I’ll have to look more carefully at the farmers’ markets this summer…

  6. I buy these melons from Trader Joe’s and they aren’t organic. I’ve never seen Tuscan melons at farmers markets either. Mostly just watermelon and cantaloupe.

  7. I have been using 1 tbs chia seeds in smoothie after soaking, cause it make it more filling. Will it be any helpful at all? Kinda want to use them for the high amount of omega 3 and protein but if the nutrition aint being used then why should I. Any suggestions where to use chia seeds?

  8. If it works for you there is no problem with consuming it, especially if you really enjoy it. All fats go better with acid fruits and lettuce, celery & vegetables. They don’t combine well with sweet fruits or melons in terms of proper food combining. So it all depends on how you feel after consuming them.

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