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Could This Be Epstein Barr & Shingles?

My symptoms & experiences and what’s been going on with me.
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52 Comments on Could This Be Epstein Barr & Shingles?

  1. Sorry this is such a long video but I didn’t want to leave anything out. As it is, I did cut a few things to keep it from being even longer. One of the things I wanted to mention is that I’m back to eating all raw and don’t have any interest in eating cooked food. It felt good to stray from raw and have some cooked but it really reaffirmed why eating raw is so good for my body and how much better I feel eating raw. In addition, as a minor correction…I said that all of the symptoms Anthony mentions in his book I was experiencing and what I was trying to say was all of the symptoms I was experiencing, Anthony mentioned as being from Epstein Barr or with the my eye styes – Strep. And finally, in regard to all this coming to a head now, I feel the stress I’ve been through over the last year has really triggered a lot in me and made me really susceptible. Stress as we all know plays such a big role in how our health and well being is affected. I’m still seeing improvements everyday so I really feel I’m on the right track.

    • rawsynergytv if you ate meat and dairy for a good portion of your life then you do have Epstein Barr in your system. Is it active is the key question, sugar is one way that it gets activated. I did have the medical medium book from the library and currently have the thyroid book and I don’t really resonate with them. He suggests some good supplements but I don’t resonate with all his info. I do however resonate with Montreal Healthy Girl a naturopathic physician right here on YouTube. The medical medium books are ok nothing spectacular to write home about or run out to buy. He isn’t a doctor and I don’t feel that he is a clear enough channel.

  2. Do you possibly have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome? That’s usually what ties all of these mysterious health symptoms together. We’re very susceptible to infection/viruses/parasites/immune dysfunction!

    • In looking at the main characteristics of that condition, I don’t seem to have any of the prominent signs or symptoms. It’s very interesting! Thank you for sharing with me. Do you find eating a raw food diet helps keep your immune system strong? For me, I feel like exposure to heavy metals and stress was a major trigger for the things I’m experiencing now. However, I also believe the underlying cause has been lying dormant in my system for a very long time.

    • +rawsynergytv It might be worth a second look. I didn’t know about many of the EDS characteristics. The only noticeable thing wrong with me is that my left hand bends back further than the right. With EDS, most of us have mast cell activation and immune deficiencies. So we have problems in terms of picking up absolutely everything (bacteria, parasites, viruses) and getting rid of them. Heavy metals could be another one of those. It really is a terrible condition. I hope you don’t have it. But if you did, at least it would open up some doors. And I’d be interested to see how you’d look to treat it! Lots of alternative methods to heal are out there. Good luck! <3

  3. That last symptom you mentioned about the joint in your hand stuck a cord with me. I have weird joint pain that has moved from my ankle to my opposite elbow. Sometimes I also have a strange burning on my ankles and wrist that only hurts if something lightly brushes those areas. The book sounds interesting, will pick up. Thanks

    • I have tons of joint pain that keeps moving. So far it’s stuck for 5 months now and I have been doing everything to try and help get rid of it but it was getting worse. Finally I found black mold in the apartment I moved into 6 months ago and am just praying getting out of that environment is going to help me feel better again.

    • Very interesting how the pain moves around. He definitely talks about this in his book as well as burning and tingling sensations. I hope you find relief soon!

    • Oh wow, it’s good that you recognized the mold and are getting out of there. Black mold weakens the immune system and can make EBV stronger if you have it. If you don’t see results, I would definitely check out this book and follow the protocols outlined.

  4. Epstein Barr is what most ppl have. Either through parents to kids or well later in life as teens via kissing. Sometimes its asymptomatic and usually like a flu… swollen lymphnodes…sore throat… high liver levels when bloodwork is done… swollen spleen when ultrasound is done….

    • i d just go to a doc and have my bloodwork done if i d be u …. doesn’t seem u trust docs but just for the bloodwork it should be ok to consider? 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • whats the plan with the epstein barr treatment? Its supposed to eliminate it completely? Do u have kids or a husband/partner that u kiss? Then they gotta get rid of it too (if its even possible 🤔) otherwise u ll get reinfected again and again

    • my hubby just came back from the vet…. he bought wild snakes (no judgment… its his thing, not my cup of tea) …. … so, the vet checked the poop of the snakes and its been full with different parasites, bacterias etc…. what i wanna say….its totally normal in nature to have these and a healthy immune system is totaly capable to deal with it …. end if the video u ve just mentioned why u ve not had a bloodwork done… ok, i see… luckily here in germany everyone has insurance and everyone can get tested for these things for free 😅 but yea … positive or negative results would probably not really matter in ur case

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. The plan with the treatment is to eliminate the virus and strengthen my immune system. I agree, it’s normal to have different pathogens in our bodies but our systems should be strong enough to deal with the bad guys which is why it’s so important to do all that we can to stay healthy. It’s so nice that countries like Germany provide health coverage for everyone. That’s a nice bonus when it comes to expensive lab tests. 🙂

  5. I always have shingles im on Valacyclovir 1gm once a day ,its very rough to take also very hard like the methotrexate that im on ,ive had the vertigo & it is Horrible ,when ive had it ,ive had all theses things except the visible body swelling ,i was tested positive for SLE Lupus ,i will deff say this is real ..Lupus is a auto immune disease ,im a raw vegan & it has helped ,i went blind in my left eye ,my retina ripped & my ventrea detached 2010 around when i found ((Dan The Man)) have a eye sty now..omg..but anyways i understand everything your saying here ,& i hope the best for you ,& yes its more than just the food but i know i would not be able to make it with out the raw food lifestyle((^,^))xo

    • Oh no!! I’m so sorry to hear this! Since you’ve been watching Dan, have you tried following any of Dr. Morse’s protocols? I know Dan was working with him and promoting him a lot. Dr. Morse is helping a lot of people to heal. So glad raw food is helping you. It really is the way to go but I guess we have to go even deeper with herbs when we have all these underlying issues that don’t clear up with diet. Thank you so much for sharing and for your good wishes. Sending lots of love and healing wishes your way!!! xoxo

  6. Hi, great to see another video from you! I am with you~all raw is the way to go! I am following Medical Medium too and he got me hooked on juicing celery for my adrenals. I am now on a mission to get rid of all parasites and candida and it is going so well! I will say this~it is better for me to have meal of high fat gourmet raw than cooked food. So I have decided if I am tired of my salads at night I will make a raw meal with raw sprouted nuts instead. (which will only be a few times a year as I prefer the fruit and do love my salads)!

    • Thank you, Kelly! I’ve always said the same thing about eating gourmet raw instead of cooked and I still feel that way but there was something in me telling me not to eat high fat at that time and that cooked veggies were better. It really helped me psychologically get through that weird phase I was going through and it also helped me appreciate my raw diet! I’m so glad you are continuing to improve and that things are going so well for you! That makes me so happy, plus it is very encouraging! So are you following both Medical Medium and Dr. Morse protocols or have you switched? Thank you for sharing your experiences with me. I love hearing about your journey. 🙂

  7. Strawberries even the organic are full of pesticides. I have a special water machine that strips the chemicals out of them ortherwise I would never eat them.

    • I am always very careful to only eat strawberries from farmers I know use absolutely nothing on their berries. Certified organic allows over 400 approved chemicals to be used, which is why I like to buy from farmers I can talk to who use nothing on their crops. Strawberries are so porous, I don’t even know how a machine could clean them fully without destroying their delicate nature into mush. Your water machine sounds very interesting.

    • Blackbird 188 the message you sent me about the water machine that you use that strips the fruit clean can you send me a direct email as I believe she must have erased your reply to my

  8. Hey I just moved 6 months ago and experienced a TON of the symptoms you mentioned. Swollen fingers + toes with loads of pain, extreme fatigue, waking up at night soaked with sweat as if I was in a sauna, pain in my shoulders and wrists, a rash on my cheeks, an ear infection, red itchy watery eyes, and a nose so congested I’d wake up gasping for air through my extremely dry mouth. I’d sleep for 3 hours every afternoon and would wake up feeling nauseous and drugged. I went whole food plant based vegan for health issues that began right around the time I tested positive for EBV. Anyway most of it was in remission- the GI stuff as long as I avoided my allergen foods. But when I moved, I moved into a basement and started getting sicker and sicker. Finally my husband said you’ve been getting sick since you moved in and sent me back to live with my parents. I’ve been here for just a few days and my nose is clearing, my joint pain is still through the roof, but I went to the apartment today to grab a few things and look for mold. I looked at our ceiling and there is just water damage everywhere and a spot right above our bed that looks like more than just water stains. Anyway did you get your house thoroughly checked before moving in? It is so discouraging to eat “plant perfect” and still feel this sick! Sometimes I want to throw in the towel and just go on meds for it because I have 23 years of toxic drugs and environmental pollutants build up inside, why bother outrunning the side effects with detox? But I always get pulled right back to high raw for healing because I don’t want to be on drugs. Anyway I hope my recent experience helps as I know you mentioned you moved last year.

    • Oh my gosh, that’s so crazy!! Thank you for sharing your experience with me. What a relief you have someplace else to stay to be able to see the difference by getting out of the apartment. I have friends with the same situation who didn’t have anyplace to go and they ended up getting sicker before they were able to move again. We did have our home thoroughly examined before we purchased with no issues however, I didn’t realize the original paint on the walls, underneath the current paint, contained lead and we knocked down several walls with our bare hands during our remodel. I was pretty mortified when I finally realized it. Nothing I can do now except cleanse and heal. Are you taking herbs to detox or using any specific protocol to heal from EBV?

    • Right now I’m taking Dr. Morse’s Fab 4 and a frankincense/ turmeric capsule 3x a day to help with the inflammation. I also do drink celery juice about every other morning and practice intermittent fasting most days to allow my body more time to clean up and heal. I also was eating raw but noticed I’d cheat on vegan junk food and feel worse so now I “cheat” with sweet potato if I feel like it, or a bit more fat to keep me sane and slow the detox (especially emotional detox!!)

    • Wow, that’s great! I would venture to guess we both probably need to add additional herbs to our protocols for eliminating the pathogens that are at the root of our symptoms. Sweet potatoes are awesome so it’s good they help you stay on track. Nothing wrong at all with eating them when you feel the need. A few extra healthy fats are always good too. Sometimes I need a little fat in my diet to help me sleep more deeply. 🙂

    • Let me know if you find anything to help! Dr. Morse doesn’t believe in anti-virals, but if you find something that really helps I’d love to hear about it/ what you are doing with Anthony’s protocol to help! I love all of his information and listen to him speak when I go for walks :). I am also really happy you made this video because it is very humbling. I always assumed if I were to eat “plant perfect” I’d be healed and immune for life, but it’s good to know that even you experience complications and difficulties. That’s what brought us to this lifestyle and keeps us here, because we’d be WAY more sick if we went back to our old lifestyle.

    • I have found Cat’s Claw tincture to be incredibly helpful. I noticed a difference right away when I started taking that. I’m also taking licorice root and lemon balm in tincture form. L-Lysine with olive leaf and zinc capsules. I also take an essential oil called DDR Prime internally. My hot flashes, night sweats and pain in my hand are gone now. I still have the swelling in the morning sometimes but it doesn’t seem as bad. So I’m getting there.

      You are right! I can’t even imagine how bad things would be for me if I wasn’t following this lifestyle.

  9. Hey lady! We have been tracking the same journey for the past 10 years! I am 45 too… such similar experiences. I didn’t really click with his stuff and a friend of mine swore by him… however I have felt inspired to do Gino’s Master Fast System (not the master fast of olden days) …have you checked him out? I presume so since we are on the same wave! 🤗

    • Oh wow, how interesting! I have heard of it but never tried it. Have you started? Would love to hear your results with it! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  10. Wow Alicia, that is quite a story! Yes, it is hard to believe that you, who are so health-minded and so meticulous about investigating and resolving any symptoms you might have, still have some puzzling and vexing symptoms. I’m so glad to hear that you are well on the way to resolving them. That is great news indeed and you must be very happy! 🙂 I actually hadn’t heard of the Medical Medium book and will have to give it a read. I must say, you are very brave to ingest tea tree oil and oil of oregano, even if diluted! I admire your calm and determination in the face of some trying health challenges and I’m glad you’re feeling better and better every day.

    • Thank you so much, Kathy! I really appreciate all your kind words. Ha ha…I was quite scared to ingest those oils, especially the oregano, for a long time but then, I decided I had to try it and started very slowly with just one drop on a full stomach of food. When I realized my stomach could handle it, I became a little more brave after that and built up my tolerance to it and the other oils. So important to take it slow with new things like that. 🙂

  11. The Medical Medium protocols have done amazing helpful healing for me! I enjoy many of the healing teas too. So happy your feeling better – Always good to see your videos. ..

    • So happy to hear this! Thank you for sharing your experience. I really appreciate your kind words too!

  12. It’s so lovely to see you again Alicia, I’ve been thinking of you and hoping you were healing well. I also discovered Anthony William this year and have been juicing my celery and following the protocols for a few months with great success. I wish you all the best of luck with it too.

    • Aw, thank you, Emma!! I appreciate this so much! So glad to hear your experience with his protocol is going really well. Wishing you lots of continued success on your healing journey as well!! xoxo

    • Yes, I wear a zapper every night when I’m sleeping. I find that it works amazingly well for worms and parasites, possibly even certain viruses and bacteria but I’m not sure how it works on something like EBV. There’s still so much about it we don’t know.

  13. I have read Anthony Williams book. Def a great read. I have similar symptoms as you described with the hand swelling and cracked hands. But i suffer with extreme fatigue. Nothing helps it. Not raw food or sleep. I hope you heal your symptoms. Keep us updated 💗

    • Thank you for your good wishes, Stacy! I’m sorry to hear you have extreme fatigue. Did you try any of the Medical Medium’s protocols for healing? There is definitely an underlying issue that can be resolved with the right steps. Sending lots of love and healing wishes your way for gaining your energy and strength back!

  14. I hav a friend who had the same than u, and everything ws emotional , and now she is completly symñtom
    Free and she can open the hand completly

    • Wow, that’s wonderful to hear your friend was able to clear her issue and is better now. I worked with a natural doc for months who cleared emotions but it didn’t seem to help my hand. He is such a cool doctor. I still got a lot out of working with him and releasing other things. Thank you for sharing with me!

  15. I had shingles many many years ago on my side. It was the worst pain I have ever felt. I couldn’t even have clothes touch it. I hope you don’t get it again.

    • Oh wow, I can’t even imagine! I’m so sorry to hear that. Have you done any type of herbal protocol to clear the shingles virus from you body? I hope you never experience it again either.

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